Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Getting in gear for winter!

Being someone who loves winter, but is stubborn to change from my uniform of shorts and skirts to winter clothing, finding a gem like Simons brand clothing for winter is awesome!

Below I have shared some of my favourite trends for the winter season, all from Simons!

You can never go wrong with a hooded parka--it's basically a staple! I'm also really loving the interesting lines on the all black coat--simple colour, but the design really makes it stand out!

Baggy drop-crotch pants are a huge obsession I have right now--I don't know who loves them more: Me, or my boyfriend! Tartan has also always been a winter favourite of mine.

Well, what about you? What are you favourite winter trends? What do you think you'll be purchasing, this season?

Thanks as always for reading!

xoxo, ashlei