Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holly's Spring Wedding!

A few weeks ago, one of my very best friends from High School, Holly, got married to our friend Jake! I was lucky enough to be invited to be one of her bridesmaids! This was a first time for me--I've attended a small handful of friend's weddings, but never been in the wedding party! (You can see me near the middle left of the photo, looking pretty unflattering as I help Holly with the train on her wedding dress haha!)

And as much as I hate to say it, it has put me in wedding fever! I love looking at wedding dresses! But my strange confession is that I don't know if I'd ever want to have a traditional marriage with a big white dress, or a fancy ceremony. (I'd rather my wedding be a big party, where everyone wore whatever they wanted!) But nonetheless, I am so in love with looking through wedding dresses online. And not to mention, unbelievably happy for Holly & Jake!!

Here's the song that inspired this post. (I played it for all the bridesmaids & Holly when the stylists were doing our hair and makeup!)
It's called "Purple Yellow Red & Blue, and it's a Portugal. The Man remix by Muneshine.

If you're wondering which one is me, I'm the one dead center, trying as hard as I can not to get hit by the bouquet, haha!

At the reception, there were lots of silly things you could dress up with, like hats and feather boas and fake mustaches! This is Josh, being dapper. (Even though he'd untucked his shirt at this point LOL!)

Since I was in a bridesmaids dress, I didn't exactly get to pick what I wanted to wear to the reception. (But that's ok--the dress was awesome!) But When I was looking through wedding dresses the other day, I mentally picked out what I think I would have worn to the reception if I hadn't been wearing a bridesmaids dress!

The above 2 dresses are some I feel I may have worn to a wedding reception--I'm really loving the greens of the first one the best, though. Sexy evening dresses like the ones above can be found here: !! Check out DressV for more, here:!!

What type of dress do you think you'd wear to a wedding or wedding reception?

Thanks for reading my blog, and have a wonderful rest of you day!

xoxo, ashlei

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alienz & Trollz California trip, Part 1!

I know this doesn't look like much looking down on it, but we totally climbed up it! I'm not that much of a weenie but it was kind of hard!

| Hat by Banggood | Necklace is handmade | Jumper by Chicnova | Socks by American Apparel | Shoes by Rose Wholesale |

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend & I, and also one of our good friends Lindsey and our new friend Kooper decided to visit one of our best friends Ryan in California!! We hadn't seen him in awhile so it was super fun, I had really missed him! He is truly one of the most beautiful souls I know.

We went hiking a lot which is awesome because Ryan lives in the redwoods, so it's super beautiful! His house is also really neat too--decorated with a lot of neat things, like pretty tapestries, silly photos, crystals, and troll dolls!

Overall, it was a pretty awesome trip--but these aren't all the please stay tuned for Part 2--it was far too many photos to include in one post!

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xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


| Hat by Banggood | Handmade necklace | Dress & tights by ROMWE | Shoes by Rose Wholesale |

Hey guys!! As you can tell, I am totally wearing the crap out of this hat. It's just way too much fun! I really wish I had a lighter coloured one, too. In the spirit of spring, I decided to take photos at Hendricks Park, a local flower garden, and then go out for lunch and coffee with Josh & my friend Michelle! I also thought it would be time to bust out the floral dresses and chunky heels--another thing I've been wearing the crap out of. These black boots are just way too versatile, I almost want to buy a second pair just in case these break someday! How would you wear these short black ankle boots?

Thanks so much for reading my blog, and have a wonderful rest of your day!

xoxo, ashlei

PS: Here's the awesome song that inspired this post!

[All photos by Michelle M. And Josh M.]