Saturday, December 14, 2013

Side Effects

Took this look a few days ago, and was really sad cause I thought all the files got corrupted! Thankfully they didn't, so here's today's look! It doesn't look it, but it seriously was like 20 degrees or something when these were taken. And the wind was blowing so hard! I can deal with rain and snow, but the second the wind starts blowing, I do not stop complaining!!

Beanie by Pacsun. (You cannot believe how much I have been wearing this. The answer is baaaasically everyday, haha!)

Aren't these tights from Banggood cute?! I found them hiding in my closet--I had forgotten I even had them! I felt like adding a bit of a "cartooney" element to this otherwise kind of dark look would make it so much more fun!

And these AWESOME shoes are by SwayChic!! I relly love the detail of the buckle and how it's not quite a full boot. Good for winter, even though a bit of skin is showing!!

Shoes- SwayChic
Beanie- Pacsun
Dress- Can't remember :(
Outer shall- Mom got it for me second hand
Leggings- Banggood
Necklace- Crafted from a christmas tree ornament

Again, thank you as always for checking out my blog--and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!

xoxo, ashlei


  1. Love that you are back posting often, love your looks :-)

  2. I love those tights, and those cut out booties! So cute.

  3. I hate winds too but the dark is worse than the cold.


  4. Cute leggings!!