Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer is nearly here!

I hope to inspire some summer and traveling fun with this post--I recently moved and also kinda smashed my finger in a door (which caused a huge lack of updates on Faltering Bird, sorry!!) so I hope this post is fun for you guys! Me and Josh and Michelle went to Fern Ridge recreation area recently and took a few pics, too!

My swimsuit top is by SwimSpot, my geometric print towel is from Freestylextreme, and my american flag shorts are by Chicwish! (My new favourite summer shorts!!)

In the spirit of summer, here's a really awesome song I wanted to share, too. It's called "Slow Down" by Poolside, and it's the Pixelated 2012 end of the world remix.

Can't wait to go camping and to the beach and on awesome trips like to SoCal and Las Vegas this summer! Usually in the summer my friends and I end up going to Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival massive outdoor concert, and when we do we're always looking for cheap deals, so if you're planning on traveling there you might want to check out Orleans Casino Hotel for some great info. 

We decided against EDC this year, but I think it would really be fun to go back to Las Vegas--I want to explore the city more! What are your summer plans?!

I really LOVE my new summer beach towel by Volcom from Freestylextreme, too! It even has a secret zip pocket to put your sunscreen, etc. in! This picture of me is so weird to me because I don't really EVER show my teeth in photos. Grinning with teeth is so weird!! PS: I AM SO PASTY WHITE, lol.

Josh was pretty much relegated to blowing up the floaties for like a year since me and Michelle would never have been able to stand using the hand pump for that long, haha!

swimsuit- SwimSpot
shorts- Chicwish
beach towel- Volcom, from Freestylextreme

I hope you all enjoyed this first summer post--I really hope I can do lots of fun things this summer--and I hope you get to, too!!

xoxo, ashlei

All photos in this post, credit to Michelle!!


  1. I like your swimsuit and shorts, so awesome!

  2. you look so lovely. your shorts are so beautiful.

  3. I love your suit top!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Your smile is so beautiful!
    Your skin is so flawless, seriously you look like a doll.
    Love you blog <3

  5. Glad to finally see you again posting, you were missed,
    You look so lovely, I really love that swimsuit's print and colours [[:

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