Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fluorescent dress + Summer trends!!

I actually have a strangely long post for you guys, today! I recently moved and am very far away from my friend Michelle who always takes my photos, but my friend Minkie has been nice enough to let me and Josh borrow her camera so that we can take photos again, yay! Our old camera has a pretty hard time holding a charge, so I'm really thankfull for my friends who have helped me out so much recently!

Anyway, this is one of the first real "neon" or "flou" items I've ever owned. I really liked neon when I was younger and felt like being bright any annoying, but I feel like this trend is coming back with force and in a much better way, so I'm actually going to talk about trends at the end of this post, which is not something I often do, so I feel like it might as well be touched on!

(Dress is from Banggood, necklace is from RIRE Boutique, and shoes are from Deandri!)

Also, I want to give specially attention to my shoes in this post. They're fucking AWESOME. Deandri is basically one of my new favourite brands ever!!

Necklace by RIRE Boutique.

dress- Banggood
necklace- RIRE Boutique
shoes- Deandri

Now, on to the trends!

Neon Summer

This summer has been mostly about floral, monochrome and two-toned prints when it comes to fashion. However, this post is about neon colors and how this trend has been driving up over the roof this season.
Neon colors aren't only confined to your pink and orange colored lipsticks. They look just as chic and stylish when used in dresses, skinny jeans, heels, handbags and jewelry. Neons make bold statements about your character as well as make you appear more hip and daring.

Here are the top neon trends for summer 2013!


If you’re searching for a scrumptious look to steal the spotlight, a cute and short neon colored dress will do you justice The possible colors you can consider wearing are candy pink, fluorescent green, bright purple or delicious orange. The neon dresses currently available are sleeveless, with a tight bodice and a flowing frock structure.
If you’re looking for some cute baby doll neon colored dresses, Kate Spade coupon and promos from other brands can help you save while shopping. Fashionistas have spent ages obsessing over the standard little black dress, and neons are the little black dresses for the season. You can also wear them in evening to your next Gatsby ball.

Colored Tights or Skinny Jeans
If you think it would be mundane to wear neon colored dress, you can find stylish neon bottoms. These bottoms are available in the form of translucent leggings, tights and skinny jeans. Translucent leggings look stunning if paired with a plain white top, or something along the dull side like grey or in the light blue range.
The colors that celebrities have been wearing religiously include candy pink and bright orange. You can even go for opaque leggings and skinny jeans to make the look more solid and strong. If you’re really willing to take a risk, wear neon with a neon dress. Complementary colors are orange and blue or purple and green.

Chunky wedges are in this summer. What makes them look even better is a neon color base. It’s recommended that you go for any neon colored heels (preferably wedges) with skin colored leggings and a plain dress.
You can easily save on neon colored wedges through online coupon codes and other discounts that aren’t difficult to find on the web. This look will make you feel you popped right out of the 60s. Sometimes it’s good to revive a bit of the old style. If you’re tired of wearing heels and your feet hurt, take a break by wearing one neon color toned pumps. They look adorable as well.

The possible accessories you can pair with a look are endless. Form handbags, clutches to earring and necklaces; anything looks great. However, make sure you don’t over-do it. If your look is simple and you’re dressed in plain white, peach, tulle grey or powder blue, you can sport a large handbag along the tone of orange, pink and even yellow neon colors.
Yellow is quite a daring choice. Wear it only if you think you can manage to pull it off. If you want something simple and make a hint of fashion evident, it would be a good idea to wear tiny neon colored studded tops. You can also pair a plain white cotton shirt with a chunky necklace that has two different neon colors or even one.
Spend summer in style with neon colors all around you. Not only they’ll make you be the eye of wherever you’re at, but you’ll look stylish and ooze panache. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and as always, 

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer is nearly here!

I hope to inspire some summer and traveling fun with this post--I recently moved and also kinda smashed my finger in a door (which caused a huge lack of updates on Faltering Bird, sorry!!) so I hope this post is fun for you guys! Me and Josh and Michelle went to Fern Ridge recreation area recently and took a few pics, too!

My swimsuit top is by SwimSpot, my geometric print towel is from Freestylextreme, and my american flag shorts are by Chicwish! (My new favourite summer shorts!!)

In the spirit of summer, here's a really awesome song I wanted to share, too. It's called "Slow Down" by Poolside, and it's the Pixelated 2012 end of the world remix.

Can't wait to go camping and to the beach and on awesome trips like to SoCal and Las Vegas this summer! Usually in the summer my friends and I end up going to Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival massive outdoor concert, and when we do we're always looking for cheap deals, so if you're planning on traveling there you might want to check out Orleans Casino Hotel for some great info. 

We decided against EDC this year, but I think it would really be fun to go back to Las Vegas--I want to explore the city more! What are your summer plans?!

I really LOVE my new summer beach towel by Volcom from Freestylextreme, too! It even has a secret zip pocket to put your sunscreen, etc. in! This picture of me is so weird to me because I don't really EVER show my teeth in photos. Grinning with teeth is so weird!! PS: I AM SO PASTY WHITE, lol.

Josh was pretty much relegated to blowing up the floaties for like a year since me and Michelle would never have been able to stand using the hand pump for that long, haha!

swimsuit- SwimSpot
shorts- Chicwish
beach towel- Volcom, from Freestylextreme

I hope you all enjoyed this first summer post--I really hope I can do lots of fun things this summer--and I hope you get to, too!!

xoxo, ashlei

All photos in this post, credit to Michelle!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pastel Crown

Wore this recently hanging out with my friend Michelle again, who was, as always, nice enough to take some photos for me! Although it's still spring here, it's actually starting to get really hot for Oregon! (Like in the upper 80's!!) Is it nearly summer where you are? If so, how hot is it?!

Skirt is from Oasap, and top is from Chicwish!

This place is seriously so magical! Probably why we keep coming back to it over and over again!

Really loving the lace detailing on this top--it's kinda see though, but still elegant!

Got this necklace from Oasap as well! I like to this of it as a scarab, even though it's pretty abstract as to what type of bug it is!

Last but not least, this amazing floral crown is by Tevin Vincent!! For some reason it was so bright out we couldn't really get a good super close-up, but it's sooo pretty! I've tried my hand at making floral crowns myself, but they always end up sitting on my head super funny. This one is just perfect!

floral crown- Tevin Vincent
skirt & necklace- Oasap
top- Chicwish
pink bracelet- Forever 21
boots- Durango

So, what are your favourite spring looks? Are you guys into pastels, right now? Or something else entirely?! Let's hear it!

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coachella Day 1 outfit

This is what I wore the first day of Coachella in Palm Springs!! I actually took this look ahead of time at home because I knew I probably wouldn't bother to at Coachella...and boy was I right! So glad I took these ahead of time. 

Top is by ShopLucky21, and skirt is by Chicwish.

Here's the song that inspired this look. It's called "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" and it's by Kendrick Lamar.

There was super cool rainbow lens flare!!

Necklace by Taara.

Bracelet (worn as arm cuff) by Anuja Tolia.

Ahh I love my cowboy boots.  They will never get old to me!

skirt- Chicwish
necklace- Taara
arm cuff- Anuja Tolia 
silver bracelet- Forever 21
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei