Monday, March 11, 2013

Trip to Mt. Hood, Oregon!

Recently Josh & I took a trip up to the mountain with a bunch of our close friends!! It was really fun, and strangely enough I was wearing enough layers that I was HOT. In the snow. Go figure!

I think Ariel must have been cold!

Top is from Sheinside, and pants are from BangGood!!

My mom got me these fat Doc Martens from Goodwill! I love them!

It was super snowy on the way up!

In the last 30 seconds of our like, hour and a half drive, we started to need the chains so Josh just sort of...pushed the car the rest of the way while Matt drove!

As you can see from this photo of what we were doing while they were moving the car, you can tell Jenna and I were lots and lots of help.

Some of the snow drifts were so big you'd have to climb out your upstairs window to get outside!

They took LookBook pictures too!!


This guy honked his horn at us, haha.

A picture of Josh & I that Ariel took on her camera!!

Jenna & I at home hangin' out with Miley!!

Oh also, before I forget, I need to share this all with you! 
As we were leaving, we noticed the sidewalk had been shoveled, so we walked on it on our way back to the car. There were large drifts of snow to one side of the sidewalk, and as we walked by, an adult man JUMPS OUT OF THE DRIFT and goes "RAHHHHHHH!!!!" at us. When we were actually driving away in the car, we noticed him filling back in the hole he busted out of, presumably to go back inside and then jump out and scare the next group of people that walked by.

I don't know, just the thought of him sitting in his cold little hovel waiting to scare random passersby just gets me, I'm seriously like losing my mind over that guy.

Anyway, that is all!!

top- Sheinside
pants- BangGood
undercoat- Goodwill
overcoat- The North Face
shoes- Goodwill

xoxo, ashlei


  1. Nice pics!

  2. Gosh, love these snow pics! That picture of you, Jenna and Miley is soooo cute. She must of been so happy! <3

  3. The pictures are so so lovely, what a beautiful landscape! it's really stunning.
    And I guess your outfit is twice as awesome, as it looks great AND kept you warm.

  4. I always thought you were Asian O.O

  5. uauuu oo pictures are amazing! great relationship with the photos, you look beautiful!

  6. This seems like such a fun trip!

    xo Jennifer

  7. so much snow. wow. it seems like you had an amazing trip and you looked beautiful as always.

  8. Hahhahhaahahahaa that guy must have all the time in the world!

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  9. awesoome pictures! It look fun. You look really awesome together with your different look!