Thursday, March 7, 2013

// NOUVEAU SUFOKIA // Let the noise run through your head

Earlier this week Josh & I hung out with our friend Michelle! She's one of my best friends from high school, and she's often really busy so getting the chance to hang out with her is always fun--and she's the fabulous photographer who took almost all the photos in this post! 

Also, this outfit is based on a French online videogame I play online with my friends Jennifer & Bobby, called WAKFU! I linked to Jennifer's Sufokia outfit, since all 3 of us are doing themed outfits!! I made my outfit girly, but incorporated inspired elements to be reminiscent of the armor you wear in the game. I wore the metal filigree necklace and the lace shirt to emulate the detail of a breastplate, heavy metal bracelets to remind you of bracers, and high shoes and tall socks to mimic the idea of tall leather boots! The title "Sufokia" comes from the land me & my friends are citizens to--it's a sun bleached beach town with lots of sand and soft pastel hues.

(Top is by Chicwish, and skirt is by RIRE Boutique!)

Here's the song that inspired this post! It's called "Jane Doe" and it's by Rebecca & Fiona. Usually I make these embedded videos smaller, but this one is neat, so I'll leave the full thing  here this time!

Necklace by Romwe.

Skirt & belt by RIRE Boutique

Michelle is doing a project for her portfolio and needs photos of couples together, so we rocked this heart for some photos!

It looks like he's so sleepppyyy

This skirt needs to be wayyyy longer. Every time I see these photos that "Ass Everywhere" song by Freedia kinda just starts playing in my head, lol.

Josh took a few photos of me & Michelle! Isn't she cute?!

Usually I hate photos of my face and faces in general and find them cloying as fuck, but I really like these ones of me and Michelle! XD


top- Chicwish
skirt & belt- RIRE Boutique
necklace- Romwe
socks- Guess

PS: You can find my post on Chictopia of this look, here!!

xoxo, ashlei


  1. LOOOOOOVE IT SO MUCH :D so pretty and perfect representation for Sufokia! <3

  2. This is really gorgeous!! You look like an absolute doll :)

  3. What beautiful Spring colors!

    xo Jennifer

  4. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! you are all so TALENTED. I am a huge fan of photography myself and have my own photography mini business. Wow I love the pictures. So artsy. Also not only are your eyes so stunning but you are gorgeous. I also need those knee high socks haha.

    Love, Minda

  5. Oh my gosh, you look absolutely beautiful! <33 *__*

  6. you are such a beautiful girl. and love how your style and photographs.

  7. I just bought this shirt! This is such a darling way to wear it. Love x