Sunday, March 10, 2013

Faltering Bird x Pacsun // EASY RIDER // Thank you for 13,000+ fans on LookBook!

Like I mentioned a little over a week ago, I was lucky enough to get some freebies from Pacsun, and now that I've modeled some of them, I'm really excited to show off these photos! Most of these are taken, again, by my lovely friend Michelle, and some are by Josh as usual. 

I modeled this outfit and the overall theme around a movie I really like, called "Easy Rider" about two friends taking a trip across america on their motorcycles. It's pretty much a classic! Anyway, here's a kickass song used in the movie that I've always really liked. Check it out, it's called "The Pusher" by Steppenwolf.

These are the badass lookin' dudes from the movie!

More skulls! This guy used to live inside the pathetic cavernous hole where a stereo should be in our truck, but we don't have one, so he used to be shoved in there, waiting to terrify whoever looked inside. Haha. Dreamcatcher is from my dear blogger friend and owner of Galore, Beneath the Stars, Kendall!!

All of the above photos were by Michelle, and all of the following photos are by Josh!

Thanks Mr. Skull, for strategically blocking my underwear and making this shot possible! Hah.

Love that Josh got the reflections in the windshield in these ones!

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at this photos as much as we all did taking them, and I hope this gets ya'll in the mood for the summer, cause that shit is comin' up real fast now! Although Oregon is usually cold and rainy, Pacsun's Golden State of Mind blog always cheers me up--because being golden really is just a state of mind!

leopard sweater, cross bracelet, shapes necklace, 
car keychain, and truck blanket, all Pacsun

crop top- Fox House
ring- Vanessa Mooney
skirt- Romwe
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei

PS: Just noticed I reached 13k fans on LookBook!! Wanted to thank everyone who follows me there!! 


Here's the look I'll upload on Chictopia and Lookbook, I think!!


  1. That one of you sitting on the back of the truck is my favorite! <3 also those are some great photos! :3

  2. LOVE the outfit.. And the pictures!

    x Annie /

  3. This is an amazing shoot!

    xo Jennifer

  4. your photos are sooo original im always soo impressed!! i hope that more people see you the way i do!! i love you lots Ash <3

  5. You're so gorgeous. Lovely outfit and photos, I love all the skulls!x

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  6. how fun! and loved the outfit xx

  7. Loved the photos, specailly the ones with the reflection on the windshield, and also the last one of the post, so cute ♥
    great song by the way!

  8. this is so amazing! I really really really LOVE it

  9. Fantastic pictures!

  10. Love this outfit and the pics! I am your newest follower! Please check my blog out and follow if you like :)