Thursday, March 14, 2013

A very special giveaway: Board Game!!

So today, I have a VERY SPECIAL giveaway for you guys!! My dear friend Bobby is letting me do a giveaway for this original game that he created! The Board game, based off of the website!! But before I get to the rules, I want to show off the prize because it's fucking rad!

In the game, you make your way up the "Hot" page just like you would posting on LookBook, and draw "Notification" cards which create events. 

Oh no, galaxy again?!

If you're further curious as to how the game is played, just watch this video Bobby made! It's super funny and I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!


The unique custom board game!
-Comes in case and is laminated!
-You select 6 of your characters! You can even create your own!
-1 dice and  24 hilarious notification cards!!!

1. You must vote for Bobby in his Coachella contest that he's currently entered in, here.  (He's the guy with the guitar case!)
2. You must leave a comment on this blog entry with your e-mail address, so that I know you've entered!

-ADDITIONAL ENTRIES- If you would like additional entrees into this contest, you can receive them 2 ways:
-If you share Bobby's Coahcella look on one of your social media outlets (Such as Facebook, etc.) you will receive 5 additional entries. You must share in your comment here the link to where you shared Bobby's link.
-You may vote for Bobby once every 24 hours. If you do this, comment on this blog entry again to let me know you have entered again! You can repeat this until Monday, March 18th when the contest ends.

Here is the entry Bobby made into the Coachella Contest!! I really think he deserves to win--his outfit really best captures the mood of Coachella!!

Anyway, I hope you guys love the Board Game and Bobby's look as much as I do!!

Winners will be chosen via
Good luck, everyone!!

xoxo, ashlei



    Hahha Omg...I love that galaxy leggings card. XD

  2. This is fantastic!
    I voted for Bobby.

  3. Shared:

  4. Great giveaway!
    Debora Ferri

  5. thanks for much for the awesome feature!! good luck who ever wins the game!!! :D

  6. Wow! Bobby is so creative creating this game!
    I've voted him :D
    Thanks for the giveaway

  7. He has a great Look! Reminds me of the Singer Songwriter Finn Martin!

  8. genius!

  9. Awesome! X3

  10. V O T E D F O R H I M ! :D
    He's my all-time favourite blogger including you! :)
    Also shared on my Twitter:

    The board game really looks exciting to play! :)


  11. Oh that's so cool :) Love Bobby :)