Sunday, March 24, 2013


I've actually had this dress for some time, and I guess it had fallen off a hanger in the very back of a closet, so I never wore it--when I found it I got super excited, it's so "Spring"!

Josh & I took photos again with Michelle, and we were lucky enough to be allowed into the old baseball field in our town, Civic Stadium. It's been sitting vacant for some time now and is in a state of disrepair  but artistically I think it's so pretty! I used to go to baseball games there as a kid, and locally it's considered a very beloved landmark. (Btw, if you want to know more about this awesome place, you can visit this website...they're always looking for donations!)

(Dress is by Sheinside, and necklace is by Chicwish)

Here's the song that in inspired this post!! It's called "Collapsing at your Doorstep" by Air France.

Josh took this one!

Necklace by Chicwish.

You get to stare at my ugly ankle scar, yaaaaaaay

Here's the nice guys that let us in! It was Saint Patrick's day when we were here, just in case you were wondering why he's wearing cute little clover antlers, haha!

dress- Sheinside
sweater/ belt- Forever 21
necklace- Chicwish
floral crown- Jordan de Ruiter
shoes- JCPenny

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xoxo, ashlei

PS: Has anyone watched tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, "This Sorrowful Life" ?? OMG NOOOO!! So sad.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaway #28: PAX Vaporizer by Ploom--3 of them!! // GIVEAWAY ENDED, ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED


Hey guys! So today I have a super awesome giveaway for you!! I've teamed up with the awesome people at Ploom to give away 3 of these awesome PAX Vaporizer units--one in each colour! The PAX is originally $249.99, but free is even better, don't you think?

For your own reference, in case you don't know what a vaporizer is, it's an instrument used to vaporize leaves, such as tobacco--but you can put a lot of different things in it! Delivering pure, clean vapor, Pax does not heat to combustion so there is no smoke nor secondand smoke. 

I've seen friends use these, and I'd actually looked them up on the internet before I was ever contacted by Ploom, and the PAX is pretty much the leading vaporizer on the market, so I'm really happy to be giving these guys away!

The unit itself has a sturdy heaviness to it, but is still fairly light!

The prize comes with all these goodies!

And also of course with the charger, and the unit itself!

Anyway, on to the details!

There will be THREE winners. Each winner will win 1 PAX by Ploom unit and everything shown above, shipped anywhere in the world. There are 3 colours to choose from: Black, Amethyst Purple, or Cobalt Blue. When notified, each winner will reply with what colour they want, and whoever responds first will get dibs on their colour preference.

1. You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connect along the right side of the blog, follow on Bloglovin', and click "like" on the Facebook page for this blog. (If you've already done this before, no need to do it again--that step is complete!)
2. You must also click "like" on Ploom's Facebook media page, here.
3. You must leave a comment on this blog post with your e-mail address so that you can be contacted if you are a winner!

Contest will run until Wednesday, April  14th at 11:59pm. Winnders will be chosen using (Giveaway only open to residents of the USA & Canada!!)

And that's about it! I wish you all the luck in the world!!

xoxo, ashlei

Note: I don't necessarily advocate "vaporizing" or anything related to it, such as the above! And definitely not if you are underage. But I DO advocate doing anything you're going to do anyway, but in a healthier way, so  do hope you all enjoy this giveaway!

**In order to protect the identity of the winners, winners list with e-mail addresses will not be posted. Winners will be notified individually via e-mail**

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today I want to share with you another look I did with aSociete!! I'm super in love with this dress for spring--it's a bit heavier so it's still perfect for chilly spring days, but still keeps with the trend of florals and pastels! When I found this dress and saw HOW WELL it matched with my floral litas, I couldn't help but get it! Sometimes I have a habit of being too matchy-match with outfits, which often can be a mistake. But, in this case, I think it works!! The above photo is by Josh as usual, and the last two are by aSociete

(Dress is by Romwe, and jacket is by aSociete)

Necklace by RIRE Boutique.

I really wish I had some more photos from this shoot, but this one got pretty rushed! Josh didn't get many because I think he was busy being weird and climbing around in a tree when the other photographer was taking these, haha.

dress- Romwe
jacket- aSociete
necklace- RIRE Boutique
socks- Guess

xoxo, ashlei

Friday, March 15, 2013


I actually took these photos a bit ago but I keep forgetting to post them! Again, these photos were taken by the lovely Michelle M.!!

(Top is by Sheinside, and skirt is by Romwe)

This outfit was inspired by a song by the Eagles, called "Witchy Woman"--one of my favourite songs by them! However, I'm in a more summery mood, so I'm including a different song by The Eagles-- Hotel California!

Me & Josh! Michelle always likes to take couples photos of us, she's really good at it! Although I look like I'm posing for senior photos or something. I should go find a tree in a parking lot to lean against the next time I feel the need to do that pose. (Because isn't that how basically everyone's senior portraits turn out? Haha)

sweater- Sheinside
skirt- Romwe
shoes- Sammy Dress
necklace- DIY
socks- Guess

xoxo, ashlei

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A very special giveaway: Board Game!!

So today, I have a VERY SPECIAL giveaway for you guys!! My dear friend Bobby is letting me do a giveaway for this original game that he created! The Board game, based off of the website!! But before I get to the rules, I want to show off the prize because it's fucking rad!

In the game, you make your way up the "Hot" page just like you would posting on LookBook, and draw "Notification" cards which create events. 

Oh no, galaxy again?!

If you're further curious as to how the game is played, just watch this video Bobby made! It's super funny and I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!


The unique custom board game!
-Comes in case and is laminated!
-You select 6 of your characters! You can even create your own!
-1 dice and  24 hilarious notification cards!!!

1. You must vote for Bobby in his Coachella contest that he's currently entered in, here.  (He's the guy with the guitar case!)
2. You must leave a comment on this blog entry with your e-mail address, so that I know you've entered!

-ADDITIONAL ENTRIES- If you would like additional entrees into this contest, you can receive them 2 ways:
-If you share Bobby's Coahcella look on one of your social media outlets (Such as Facebook, etc.) you will receive 5 additional entries. You must share in your comment here the link to where you shared Bobby's link.
-You may vote for Bobby once every 24 hours. If you do this, comment on this blog entry again to let me know you have entered again! You can repeat this until Monday, March 18th when the contest ends.

Here is the entry Bobby made into the Coachella Contest!! I really think he deserves to win--his outfit really best captures the mood of Coachella!!

Anyway, I hope you guys love the Board Game and Bobby's look as much as I do!!

Winners will be chosen via
Good luck, everyone!!

xoxo, ashlei

Monday, March 11, 2013

Trip to Mt. Hood, Oregon!

Recently Josh & I took a trip up to the mountain with a bunch of our close friends!! It was really fun, and strangely enough I was wearing enough layers that I was HOT. In the snow. Go figure!

I think Ariel must have been cold!

Top is from Sheinside, and pants are from BangGood!!

My mom got me these fat Doc Martens from Goodwill! I love them!

It was super snowy on the way up!

In the last 30 seconds of our like, hour and a half drive, we started to need the chains so Josh just sort of...pushed the car the rest of the way while Matt drove!

As you can see from this photo of what we were doing while they were moving the car, you can tell Jenna and I were lots and lots of help.

Some of the snow drifts were so big you'd have to climb out your upstairs window to get outside!

They took LookBook pictures too!!


This guy honked his horn at us, haha.

A picture of Josh & I that Ariel took on her camera!!

Jenna & I at home hangin' out with Miley!!

Oh also, before I forget, I need to share this all with you! 
As we were leaving, we noticed the sidewalk had been shoveled, so we walked on it on our way back to the car. There were large drifts of snow to one side of the sidewalk, and as we walked by, an adult man JUMPS OUT OF THE DRIFT and goes "RAHHHHHHH!!!!" at us. When we were actually driving away in the car, we noticed him filling back in the hole he busted out of, presumably to go back inside and then jump out and scare the next group of people that walked by.

I don't know, just the thought of him sitting in his cold little hovel waiting to scare random passersby just gets me, I'm seriously like losing my mind over that guy.

Anyway, that is all!!

top- Sheinside
pants- BangGood
undercoat- Goodwill
overcoat- The North Face
shoes- Goodwill

xoxo, ashlei