Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autumn safari party!! // Annual Tomato War

These pictures are actually super old from this summer, and I somehow I forgot to click "submit" on this post--it's been sitting here this whole time, so I figured in an effort to remind myself of how much I miss summer, I will finally post these!
Also, I wanted to apologize for my lack of blogging! I've been SUPER busy and the weather here hasn't been good for taking pictures.

I have a lot of looks coming up soon from working with aSociete (who came up here from San Fran to see me!) that I'm excited to show off, so I hope to post those soon!!

(Top is from Motel Rocks, necklace is from Vanessa Mooney, and skirt is from Choies)

I love everything about this skirt from Choies! Ring & brown breaded bracelet is by Vanessa Mooney.

Anyway, these pictures are from my dad's company's "Tomato War" this year! He works for one of the biggest Organic food's distributors in the USA, and every year, there's always old tomatoes left over, and somehow a long time ago they started the tradition of making mock battles with the left overs.
Pictured is a bouncy castle, that I'm sad to say I was over the height limit for. NO FUN ALLOWED.

My mom, dad, and Josh at the farm!

Some of the people really get super into the battle!

For some reason I had like 30 good photos of this guy. I always seemed to catch him at just the right moment, haha!

Some people kind of just stand there and take it though, note the guy in the red shirt in the middle, lol.

Awee my baby & photographer! Love hiiiiimmm! We went on a hayride with my parents!

Pigs never looked so glorious!

They were actually sad when we all drove away, they kind of remind me of French Bulldogs--they have a similar temperament!

Everyone who participated in the tomato war!!

Pretty contrail as we were leaving!
Kind of reminds me of the meteor / metorite that hit Russia yesterday! I'm assuming you all heard about it so there's no point going into detail, but dang! I'm prepared to hear Bruce Willis Armageddon jokes for the next month. My heart goes out to all the poor people who got showered in glass from their windows exploding, how scary! I'm  just super glad that the asteroid that passed by us the same day didn't hit! Sounded like it was a pretty close call, cosmically speaking.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I suck, etc. etc. Expect more updates soon!

crop top- Motel Rocks
skirt- Choies
necklace, siler ring, & brown  beaded bracelets- Vanessa Mooney
antler necklace- Angel Court
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei


  1. Yay for you posting!! I love love love that outfit. Makes me miss summer even more! And that tomato battle looks really cool... I've never heard of anything like that before!! What a pretty day :)


  2. your top looks so good with your skirt ashlee :D

  3. I'd like to have a tomato fight, it looks so much fun!
    By the way that skirt is a killer! It's really amazing. xx

  4. The pictures are so beautiful! Love the one with the pigs looking in the distance ♥
    And, of course, loved your outift. Especially the top. You look great :)

  5. I LOVE the top and skirt, such a good combo! Great jewelry too! <3

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  7. this makes me miss summer sooooo much. and a tomato fight seems to be alot of fun. haha.

  8. Really like the pictures! And the look! :)


  9. love this pictures!
    your skirt is amazing :)

  10. So pretty!

    xo Jennifer

  11. Where I am is REALLY cold right now! Your picture remember me the summer and make me smile.
    Awesome outfit, like usual !

  12. Absolutely amazing and stunning collection !!! wow !!!

  13. aaaah i'm in love with your skirt

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