Thursday, February 21, 2013

Golden State of Mind: Pacsun Spring 2013!!

I've been following Pacsun's Golden State of Mind blog for quite some time now. I remember last summer as I was shopping locally for my summer trip to Las Vegas with my friends, I bought a bag at Pacsun and saw advertisements for the GSOM and thought they were super neat, went home, and checked out their blog! I never dreamed that I'd later be teaming up with them for Spring 2013!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get some awesome Spring 2013 swag, so check this awesome stuff out! (Even the box is rad, now my whole room smells like fresh wood!)

Super happy with everything inside, camo, denim, AND animal print?! Right up my alley. Even the blanket underneath is from them! We've really been needing a blanket for the back of the seat in our truck, so this will look great!

Cross bracelet, shapes necklace, and a neat keychain I gave to Josh, my lovely boyfriend & phtographer!

I totally can't wait to style all of these pieces in looks--please sun, please come out!! I want it to be warm!

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitty Cat & Aritzia!!

Let me start off this post by saying I hate pants. Hate, hate, hate. There's nothing more outfit stunting than a boring pair of pants. However, these pants are far from that! Despite my hatred for pants, I decided to accept working with Aritzia for a game of "blogger tag"--where 1 blogger receives a different colour of the same pair of pants to style, and "tags" another blogger friend of theirs to wear a different colour! And I'm glad I did, because for once, these pants are changing my mind about the boyish style. 

(Pants are from Aritzia of course / top is from Sheinside)

As you can tell, I have really short legs and an extremely long torso XD lol

I actually have a strange story about this sweater! When I was in grade school in the early 90's, the brand "Self Esteem" that sold clothing through JCPenny's stocked a white shirt with nearly (if not the exact same) cat face that's on this sweater! I lost the shirt years ago and was always bummed...until the whole cat sweater fad started, and I found this, and rekindled my love with it, because I am apparently forever like a five year old.

(Sweater by Sheinside/ Necklace by Romwe)

I think these pants are a bit too tight on me, haha! They're pretty warm, too!

pants- Aritzia 
sweater- Sheinside
necklace- Romwe
shoes- Sammy Dress

xoxo, ashlei

PS: As you'll notice, these photos are way bigger than normal. My blog used to be glitched a lot smaller, but I figured out a way around the problem, so no more tiny pictures, yaaay! Now I just need to finish saving for a fancier camera, and the photos will actually look great this large, haha!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autumn safari party!! // Annual Tomato War

These pictures are actually super old from this summer, and I somehow I forgot to click "submit" on this post--it's been sitting here this whole time, so I figured in an effort to remind myself of how much I miss summer, I will finally post these!
Also, I wanted to apologize for my lack of blogging! I've been SUPER busy and the weather here hasn't been good for taking pictures.

I have a lot of looks coming up soon from working with aSociete (who came up here from San Fran to see me!) that I'm excited to show off, so I hope to post those soon!!

(Top is from Motel Rocks, necklace is from Vanessa Mooney, and skirt is from Choies)

I love everything about this skirt from Choies! Ring & brown breaded bracelet is by Vanessa Mooney.

Anyway, these pictures are from my dad's company's "Tomato War" this year! He works for one of the biggest Organic food's distributors in the USA, and every year, there's always old tomatoes left over, and somehow a long time ago they started the tradition of making mock battles with the left overs.
Pictured is a bouncy castle, that I'm sad to say I was over the height limit for. NO FUN ALLOWED.

My mom, dad, and Josh at the farm!

Some of the people really get super into the battle!

For some reason I had like 30 good photos of this guy. I always seemed to catch him at just the right moment, haha!

Some people kind of just stand there and take it though, note the guy in the red shirt in the middle, lol.

Awee my baby & photographer! Love hiiiiimmm! We went on a hayride with my parents!

Pigs never looked so glorious!

They were actually sad when we all drove away, they kind of remind me of French Bulldogs--they have a similar temperament!

Everyone who participated in the tomato war!!

Pretty contrail as we were leaving!
Kind of reminds me of the meteor / metorite that hit Russia yesterday! I'm assuming you all heard about it so there's no point going into detail, but dang! I'm prepared to hear Bruce Willis Armageddon jokes for the next month. My heart goes out to all the poor people who got showered in glass from their windows exploding, how scary! I'm  just super glad that the asteroid that passed by us the same day didn't hit! Sounded like it was a pretty close call, cosmically speaking.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I suck, etc. etc. Expect more updates soon!

crop top- Motel Rocks
skirt- Choies
necklace, siler ring, & brown  beaded bracelets- Vanessa Mooney
antler necklace- Angel Court
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei