Friday, December 7, 2012

Acid wash the skin from your bones // Thank you for 12,000+ fans on!!

Wore this recently when some of Josh's friends came up to visit Oregon from San Diego! 
(Top is from Udobuy, and skirt is from Sammy Dress)

Also, before I forget, I wanted to thank everyone who follows me on!! I just passed 12,000+ followers there!! I can't even accurately describe how grateful I am to all of you, but I am very much so and want you all to know!! I hope you'll all continue to follow me in the future, as I'll do my best to make interesting posts for you!!

Necklace by Angel Court.

I think most of them were making ridiculous faces in every single shot. I thought this one was nice though :P

There was definitely an array of Troy pretending to fart pictures. This pretty much sums it up.

Ground Kontrol is an awesome bar!

St. John's bridge!

We all took a walk in the woods. Isn't Oregon pretty?!

Aaand then the boys found a random fire house and decided it was jump rope time.

But not before attacking each other with it first, haha.

I know people from other parts of the world/ country that actually think people in Oregon live in trees and travel around in covered wagons. Well, this one's for them. :P

Don't fall, Ryan!!

Mushrooms are fucking weird.

Josh and Chaz climbing on an elephant statue! That's actually the moon in the background, not a street light or anything. I guess there was an eclipse this night, so that must have been it!

top- Udobuy
skirt- Sammy Dress
cross necklace- Angel Court
small necklace- Tevin Vincent
bracelets- gifts
boots- Charlotte Russe


  1. Congrats on your followers!

    xo Jennifer

  2. The mushroom picture is so cool!!!

  3. great!

  4. I must've said this to you already but oh my god you live in such a beautiful place ♥

  5. I love this from head to toe!!