Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wildlife Safari

I have a lot of photos for you guys today!! I really enjoy this outfit, so I guess we just took a lot! I think my favourite part about it is how baggy everything is. It's pretty cold here, and although this might not look warm, I learned awhile back that it's actually not tight clothing that makes you warm--it's the pockets of air baggy clothes create that makes you warm! 

(Jacket is from Cozbest, shirt dress is  from Wendybox, and shoes are from Lulu's)

Alsoooo here's a really cool song I want to share with you guys! (Might not be all of your cup of tea, but it's a classic! "You Gotta Move" by Mississippi Fred McDowell)

I want to introduce you to my little fox skull that Jenna got me for Christmas!! Isn't he/she awesome?? It's missing a few teeth buuut I like to think it was a little fighter and won lots of battles! I like things like skulls because if you can keep them around, they can be remembered, even in death. Maybe more than than were in life. So really, skulls seem so happy to me! (That and they always look like they're smiling!)

I also freakin' LOVE the appliques on this jacket. There's a zebra and a tiger, and on the other side there's a leopard and a giraffe!

As promised, leopard and giraffe!!

Better picture of the little dude!

I seriously got soo many comments on the back of my jacket! People thought it was hilarious and cool.

Somehow I find it funny that only the giraffe didn't get bejeweled eyes on the back. Also, the leopard is totally like DDDDD: <


These shoes are so much fun! They're a good fit, too.

jacket- Cozbest
shirt dress- Wendybox
shoes- Lulu's
necklace- Romwe
gold bangles- Angel Court
shorts- Forever 21

xoxo, ashlei

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giveaway #27: $100 to 2020AVE!!

It's finally that time again--GIVEAWAY TIME!! To celebrate the holiday season, and the coming of the new year, this time I have for you a giveaway with 2020AVE!! I'm really excited about this one. Above you can see a small selection of all the awesome clothing you could spend your $100 on at 2020AVE!!

PRIZE: $100 to spend @ 2020AVE (1 winner)

1. Find your favourite item on 2020AVE & share it on your Facebook wall, tagging 2020AVE's FB page in the post. Please write on the post "I love Faltering Bird and 2020AVE" so we know the post is for this contest.
2. You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connect along the right side of the blog, follow on Bloglovin', and click "like" on the Facebook page for this blog. (If you've already done this before, no need to do it again--that step is complete!)
3. You must leave a comment on this blog post with your e-mail address.

Giveaway will last from this Friday to next Friday (Dec. 28th-Jan 4th)
2020AVE will announce the winner the following Friday morning at 9AM (PST) through a random draw. 

Good luck, everyone!!

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

UNIF Leopard Hellbound boot review

Let me first start by saying: I have wanted these shoes  FOR. FUCKING. EVER. I've seen countless other bloggers wearing them, and every time my eyes fall upon them I swear I hear this clip that Trap music decided to rape, playing in my head in the form of a stupid little song.

Anyway, as a Christmas present, my mom paid for half of these for me! They're from Nasty Gal, but the brand is UNIF. At Nasty Gal, they're marked down from $268 to $134, which is a fucking ridiculous markdown. Saw it and I knew I had to purchase them or I'd forever regret it. I guess this exact style is only available at Nasty Gal too, so if you want to get it you'll have to get it there!

It comes with a second, black pair of laces (not pictured) too!!

I really also like the quality of the material. It almost feels like fur! Also, as someone who really likes Jeffrey Campbell shoes (another notable brand that makes towering heels) these are actually EVEN taller. I dwarf my own father when I put these things on! Ahhh, the collection begins.

The box is really neat, too!!

I also got to order this awesome purse! They had free 2 day shipping if you ordered over $150 worth of items, so I didn't wanna pass that up either! For only being $20 originally (I believe it was marked down from $58) this bag is super awesome! I can't wait to use it.


xoxo, ashlei

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Moon Prism Power // Merry Christmas!!

Bonus points if you know what this title is from!! Anyway, dress is from Beginning Boutique, and vest is from Romwe!!

Also, if you happen to celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! If not, then  happy Holiday's and winter solstice and all those things to you all!! Sorry this outfit isn't holiday related--it's been raining NON STOP here so I can't really get that many decent photos, it's poopy!

I LOVE the spikes on this vest uuuugh.

Love the kaleidoscopic look to this dress!! 

Also, before this post is over, I wanted to share that I found a really affordable body jewelry place online called Fresh Trends!

vest, spike necklace, & skull bracelet- Romwe
other bracelets- gifts
socks- dunno!
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Body Chain //

Today I am excited to share this look with you! Unfortunately it feels like it's been raining for like 40 days and 40 nights here or something, so I haven't really gotten a chance to take any photos! Sooo instead, you get poopy lighting, and an indoor look! Oh well. Anyway, my dress is from, and my coat is from Romwe!!

My facourite part of this outfit though, is the body chain! It's the first and only body chain I own. I used to think they were a bit silly, but recently I can say that in all honesty, I've begun to like them! This one is from Shop Lately, but specifically from one of the brands they sell, Lily Wang. I ordered a few things from her shop, and I'm really liking the quality.

Pretty gold little cross!!

body chain- Lily Wang on Shop Lately
Black Sheep stargazer crochet dress- Lulu's
coat- Romwe
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Romwe sale!!

Just wanted to let you all know that Romwe is having a sale!! 

Rome Year-end Xmas Promotion
Everyone can get a Santa Claus’ Stocking with Mysterious Gift if your order over $60.
   This goes from from Dec 19th to 25th!!

xoxo, ashlei

Love Stylize!!

I found a really cool website earlier today, so I thought I would share it with you all! It's Love Stylize! What really caught my eye is that nothing on the website is more than $25, which is pretty sweet. (I don't really like spending very much on accessories. Maybe I'm cheap, but I'd rather have a lot of things to accessorize with rather than one super expensive thing!) What about you? Would you rather have lots of cheaper things, or one really expensive item?

Thought this was super intricate!

I think I have wayyy too many things with crosses on them, but oh well. I still love this!

Have totally always wanted a chain like this, but never got one. Maybe it's time, hmmm.

This little guy is fucking rad! It's a little octopus ring!!

Anyway, I hope you guys like this website as much as I do! You can find Love Stylize on Facebook, here!!

xoxo, ashlei

Friday, December 14, 2012

Grand Theft Auto // Baroque dress

This is what I wore recently to hang out with my friend Nori!! It was seriously so fucking cold this was foggy too, so it felt even colder. I generally get overheated super easily, but nope, not then. I was freezing!!

Dress is from Romwe, and shoes are from Sammy Dress.

Isn't the dress so pretty up close?! It's so baroque!!

These shoes from Sammy Dress are quickly becoming my new favourite pair of shoes. My friends like to call them "ball stompers." :P

We were driving around looking for abandoned places to take photos at, using some directions we found online. We were looking for an abandoned warehouse to hang out, but it must have been torn down years before, because it wasn't there any longer. 

Oddly enough, the day after we took these photos, as found out that this EXACT same location was used in the Solestruck On the Road campaign. It was so uncanny! I bet they came there looking for the same cool building, but couldn't find it either, and just took pictures where we did, haha! Here's a video of the location, it's at about 3 minutes and 14 seconds in. (And the super weird thing is that they took the shots in Eugene, the smaller hometown that I grew up in, NOT Portland, the bigger metropolitan city!)

It was so foggy, it was super neat!

Cute little Nori! I am actually not a giant, these are just huge heels and Nori is bite-sized!! I'm actually only 5'5.

Her creepers and bone socks  were soo cute!!

Josh being a little shit eater.

I have no idea what these things were for (something for the rails I think) but they were colder than shit when we sat down on them to take photos, let's put it that way, haha!

Cold cold cold cold

dress- Romwe
shoes- Sammy Dress
beaded bracelets- Vanessa Mooney
stack of bracelets- Angel Court
socks- I don't knooow
ankh necklace- DIY

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Faux Fawn

I really like this new dress from Clothing Loves! I feel like it fits the mood of fall quite well. Usually I don't wear things with long sleeves (I'm a little too picky) but it's getting cold enough here that I want to! 

Also, here's the song that inspired this outfit. It's called "Let's fall asleep together" by Teen Daze.

My favouite part are the velvet ribbons that tie the detachable collar on! I'm glad it's detachable too, because that gives the dress more wear-ability.

Vintage Bort Carelton boots from my mom!

So many mushroomies

A whole filed! 

boots- Bort Carelton
beaded bracelets- Vanessa Mooney
skinny stack of bracelets- Angel Court

xoxo, ashlei

PS: Here's some promo code for Shop Lately!!

$10 off of $30 purchase - LIKEIT10
$20 off of $50 purchase - LOVEIT20
$30 off of $70 purchase - NEEDIT30