Monday, November 12, 2012

Power of the Unicorn // Romwe & Chicwish!!

First of all I want to announce: THIS WEATHER BLOWS CHUCKS! And I'm not even talking the weather in these photos. (Well, that weather sucked too, but I'd be lucky to even have that much right now) You see my "about me" description on the side of my blog that says "My life is spent in the usually rainy, sometimes sunny land of the Pacific Northwest..." Yeah, well this is that "usually rainy" part--and it lasts for like 6 months. The dehumidifier in our bedroom is at a soggy 86% humidity (which basically means I'm drowning lol) so I've finally acquired my season-long winter cough which will maybe go away in like 5 months. Yaaay asthma.

Anyway, bitching aside, my top is from Chicwish & it's fucking awesome. Spike necklace is from Romwe.

Here, have this really awesome song that fits my mood this season. It's another song by Little People, called "Aldgate Patterns" and the video is really cool, so watch it!! (Probably my favourite song from the album!)

Haggard, Haggard! UUUNICORNS!! Ok, time to watch Last Unicorn now. (You know an animated movie is good when America does the songs for it!!)

Claw ring is from Beginning Boutique. I don't think I ever take this sucker off, haha.

tunic shirt- Chicwish
spike necklace- Romwe
skirt- Forever 21 like 8 years ago
socks- don't know!
bracelets- gifts
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Here's to hoping your weather blows less chunks,
xoxo, ashlei


  1. Yay for unicorns! Great look for fall!

    xx, alexia > In the Meantime

  2. I am in love with the unicorn shirt

  3. One of the things I don't miss about Oregon: the constant rain. It's been a bit rainy over here in Japan, but not too bad!
    Love the unicorn shirt, you look AMAZING as always!

  4. such an amazing post!!!! friggen love you!! & unicorns!! <3

  5. The top is definitely great! sorry about the weather ;)

  6. You look great!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Unicorns! Love the shirt ♥ You look beautiful!

  8. I alwys love the photos of the landscape, I wish I could live in a beautiful place like that, but I guess I'd complain about the weather too.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  9. So stunning! <3

  10. always love your outfits! you're so cool :)

  11. great outfit, as usual....take care of that cough, hope you get better

  12. hey ashlei,
    i am so touched seeing your pics, you and your boyfriend put so much effort
    and creativity in each shoot. i like the desperate places you choose,
    they have a very expressive atmosphear!
    love your unique style and our beautiful face.
    totaly amazing <3

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  13. I'm completely obsessed with this look! So stunning.

    <3 Melissa

  14. I adore your blog ! cute background, and your style is stunning as you:) you have new follower