Friday, November 30, 2012

High rise drift off skies

I wish it was warm like this today, I'll say that much. Crochet top is from Chicwish, and skirt & faux fox tail are from Romwe.

Antler necklace & skinny stack of bracelets by Angel Court

Silver ring by Vanessa Mooney.

top- Chicwish
skirt & faux fox tail- Romwe
bag- Shop Lately
antler necklace & skinny stack of bracelets- Angel Court
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
red decorative bracelet- forever 21
thin red bakelite bracelet- from my great aunt

xoxo, ashlei

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foxy Deery

This poncho sweater from Chicwish is super comfy for late fall! It still hasn't snowed here yet, so stuff like this is great for right now! Cute floofy skirt is from Tidestore, and faux fox tail is from Romwe!!

I reeeeally like deers/elk, so I kinda died a little when I found this bracelet from Sira & Mara! It has a really interesting shape to it. Ring is from Beginning Boutique.

Antler necklace is from Angel Court, silver ring by Vanessa Mooney.

Fringe bag by Shop Lately.

top- Chicwish
faux fox tail- Romwe
fringe bag- Shop Lately
skirt- Tidestore
bracelet- Sira & Mara
necklace- Angel Court
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Press Play, Fast Foreward

Wore this outfit recently. I'm really in love with basically every item I'm wearing, but mostly because the skirt and the boots both have studs on them. Couldn't be happier with how they match!

BOY sweatshirt is from Romwe, skirt & shoes are from Sammy Dress!

Doesn't the eagle look like it's pooping? I have no idea why they'd make their logo like that, but it's funny and I like it. XD Necklace is from Romwe.

Ffffff this fucking skirt from Sammy Dress is so awesome ;___; It's kind of short though, Josh always has to tell me to pull it down in the back!

Don't the boots match well?!

Boots from Sammy Dress.

BOY London sweatshirt & spike necklace- Romwe
skirt & boots- Sammy Dress
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
socks- don't know!

xoxo, ashlei

The North Face Review with GigaSavvy!

Recently, I was lucky enough to work with GigaSavvy who gave me the opportunity to receive two lovely North Face jackets! I've worn both of the jackets so far once to review them, and I am very pleased with both of them!

(Also, isn't this an awesome old picture of my dad? It's near the grand canyon in the late 70's, I think. It has a very vintage North Face feel to it, to me!! Wasn't my dad stylish??)

Here's the song that inspired this post:

Anyway, on the the review!!

The first sweatshirt above, I wore on a very cold (but clear) day, and it was perfect! It was warm enough that I wasn't cold, which says a lot for Oregon in the winter/ late fall, but it wasn't TOO warm to where I had to keep taking it off. (I tend to get overheated easily and much prefer the cold to the hot, so this is a defining factor in how much I like a piece of outerwear!)

This second jacket I wore out during the rain to keep me dry and break the wind, with the sweatshirt underneath for warmth. Was out for about 30 minutes in the rain, and it repelled the water well. I didn't have a drop on me when I came back in the house!

The collar of the jacket stands up, and the shape of the hood allows for good blockage of rain.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review!

xoxo, ashlei

Monday, November 19, 2012

ROMWE black friday sale!!


I'm happy to announce that Romwe is having a black friday sale! (Which is awesome, because you can buy it online and not get trampled to death at a brick and mortar sale. Online black friday is awesome!)

Anyway, the sale is for up to 70% off, from 21st through 26th!! Please check it out, here!!

xoxo, ashlei

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Romwe Fashion Blogger contest!!

I have something to share with all of you! Romwe is having a contest!
"Join Romwe official Fashion Bloggers in 2013 contest. 
Win big (Up to $130 in freebies!) and become an official Romwe Fashion Blogger."

Here are some additional details:
"$100 in freebies for 3 lucky winners! Awards are for winners with the most "likes," "fans," and best style.
And each qualified participant will receive $30 in freebies. Your friends and fans can join us if they have 2,000 or more fans on their FB fan page. They will also have a chance to become a Romwe Fashion Blogger."

For more details, and to enter, click here!!

xoxo, ashlei

Monday, November 12, 2012

Power of the Unicorn // Romwe & Chicwish!!

First of all I want to announce: THIS WEATHER BLOWS CHUCKS! And I'm not even talking the weather in these photos. (Well, that weather sucked too, but I'd be lucky to even have that much right now) You see my "about me" description on the side of my blog that says "My life is spent in the usually rainy, sometimes sunny land of the Pacific Northwest..." Yeah, well this is that "usually rainy" part--and it lasts for like 6 months. The dehumidifier in our bedroom is at a soggy 86% humidity (which basically means I'm drowning lol) so I've finally acquired my season-long winter cough which will maybe go away in like 5 months. Yaaay asthma.

Anyway, bitching aside, my top is from Chicwish & it's fucking awesome. Spike necklace is from Romwe.

Here, have this really awesome song that fits my mood this season. It's another song by Little People, called "Aldgate Patterns" and the video is really cool, so watch it!! (Probably my favourite song from the album!)

Haggard, Haggard! UUUNICORNS!! Ok, time to watch Last Unicorn now. (You know an animated movie is good when America does the songs for it!!)

Claw ring is from Beginning Boutique. I don't think I ever take this sucker off, haha.

tunic shirt- Chicwish
spike necklace- Romwe
skirt- Forever 21 like 8 years ago
socks- don't know!
bracelets- gifts
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Here's to hoping your weather blows less chunks,
xoxo, ashlei

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fly like an eagle, 'till I'm free // Little People -- Marzipan Children

Always love wearing this leopard skirt!! Jacket is from Romwe, and shirt is from Beginning Boutique.

Here's the song that inspired this outfit! It's called Marzipan Children, by Little People. I've liked the artist for about two years now, and this song is from their new album that came out--you should look into it, it's really good!! (Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to this with a lot of bass. Or at least headphones--it's worthless without it!!)


Somehow the lighting in these photos turned out really magical!! Top is from Beginning Boutique, and eagle necklace is from Romwe!!

Skully bracelet is from Romwe, ram skull ring is from Ohh Andy, silver ring is from Vanessa Mooney, and claw ring is from Beginning Boutique!

jacket, eagle necklace, and skull bracelet- Romwe
top & claw ring- Beginning Boutique
ram skull ring- Ohh Andy
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
skirt- borrowed from friend
socks- don't know!
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

xoxo, ashlei

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giveaway #25: Canvas Lands' End giveaway!!

I'm super pleased today to announce I have the pleasure of working with Canvas Lands' End for a giveaway! They gave me one set of 5 pieces of clothing, and are letting me give another set away, too! You guys are lucky, because LE makes some really fabulous, quality stuff! 

Prize: One grand prize winner will receive 5 items!! (Worth more than $220 total!!)

1. You must tweet your favourite Canvas LE item from their website. You must  at reply them, @CanvasLandsEnd
2. You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connect along the right side of the blog, follow on Bloglovin', and click "like" on the Facebook page for this blog. (If you've already done this before, no need to do it again--that step is complete!)
3. Please comment here with your e-mail address so you can be contacted if you win, along with your twitter username!!

And that's it! Pretty simple, right?

Good luck you you all!!

xoxo, ashlei

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Show me your skin & bones// Dolls Kkill & Tevin Vincent

So, this super amazing tank dress (that I wore almost every day during the week Halloween was on, haha) is from Dolls Kill! They sell a bunch of  different brands, like Wildfox Couture (Which this dress is from!) and Joyrich.

Forever love Jeffrey Campbell's! 

This "FUCK OFF" necklace is by Tevin Vincent!! He's awesome.

I've always wanted a studded vest, and now I have one! It's from 2020 Ave.

Claw ring by Beginning Boutique.


tank  dress- Wildfox Couture
"FUCK OFF" necklace- Tevin Vincent
studded vest- 2020 Ave.
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
socks- don't remember
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

xoxo, ashlei

Friday, November 2, 2012

United States Presidential Election

Normally, I don't like politics. And to be honest, I still don't. I think the vast majority of it is a fat load of bull.  (And you have my word that this will be the only annoying pro-voting/ politically geared post I make on my blog. I don't like to be pushy.) BUT this year, I decided to vote. And I've never voted before--in all my 25 years, I never felt informed enough to vote--or strongly enough about any policies to have my vote matter.

But that's just it. One vote DOES matter, and here's why. Read the page I linked to or not, but it's pretty interesting--it's a list of incredible things that came into being by a one vote margin. The ENTIRE WEST COAST of the USA was admitted to the union by a margin of one vote. Most of these deal around one electoral vote, but one individual's vote can still swing everything.

These days, I realize my one vote DOES matter, and that I can't sit silent anymore.

Personally, I'm voting for  Obama. I like what he's done so far, and believe that 4 years isn't enough for this country to see the outcomes of the things he's done for us yet.

Currently, Republicans vastly outweigh Democrats in their funding for political advertisements--which can win or lose a race. If you can, please donate $5 before midnight tonight (Which is the payment deadline for these political ads) If you'd like to do so, you can do so here. You can also donate here. And even once this deadline has passed, you can still help out by voting yourself, and spreading voting awareness!

Whatever you choose to do, voting at ALL is really what is important. You have a voice and a privillage: USE IT.

Anyway, again, I promise this will be the only annoying political post I make, so just ignore this if you like. Either way, if you read this, thanks for reading! (You'll also notice an electoral vote widget at the top of my blog. It'll be gone in a few days in case anyone is wondering!)

xoxo, ashlei

PS: binders

It's the end, cross my heart // Holy Ghost -- It gets dark

It was soo gloomy the day we took these photos! I guess that's Oregon in fall/ winter for you, though. Incase you're wondering, my new skirt is from Romwe!!

Here's the song that inspired this look. It's called t Gets Dark, by Holy Ghost.

Cross necklace is from Angel Court.

Silver ring is from Vanessa Mooney, and claw ring is from Beginning Boutique.

So pretty!

I always love it when my camera picks up the moon! 

skirt- Romwe
bustier- EXPRESS
socks- found them somewhere
cross necklace- Angel Court
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

xoxo, ashlei

PS: Here are some Romwe Coupons for you!! These end on 11/15/2012

1. Nov15 ($15 off $75 or more)

2. Nov25 ($25 off $110 or more)
3. Nov35 ($35 off $145 or more)