Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shop Lately Sale: Bloggers Picks!!

Soo one of my favourite websites to snag deals from, Shop Lately, is having a sale!! For this sale, they decided to work with a few of us bloggers. We picked our favourite items from their website, and they're having a sale with the items we picked!!

I've been sporting goods from Shop Lately for over a year at this point, and they are one of my dearest and favourite places to shop, so I hope you'll check out this rad sale! (Their prices are already awesome as is, so this is a great opportunity!)

I often feel like bloggers can sound insincere (Especially with how heavily sponsored some bloggers are, and especially when talking about sales) but this is one I helped work on myself, so I truly am quite excited about it!

Click here to go to the sale!! 
(Also, if you click "like" on their FB page, you can get a promo code for additional savings!)

This was my number 1 pick from their website. It's so awesome, every time I look at it I get really excited! They even named the item after my blog! It kind of fits considering it's a bird, doesn't it? "The Faltering Bird" necklace!!

I wasn't aware this was a two piece set (as I don't have pierced ears) but this one was far too awesome to pass up!

Bangles have been one of my favourite things to wear recently. If you'll notice, almost all of my looks have stacked bracelets! Do you like the look, too??

Delicate yet grungy!

The jewels on the inside of the spikes are a nice touch, don't you think??

Hope all you lovelies find something that jumps out at you in the sale!!

xoxo, ashlei

PS: Here's all the other lovely bloggers that worked on the sale with me!!


  1. Thank you! You are pretty awesome! Glad to meet you. Thanks for following my blog as well! Looking forward to new posts on yours :) Yeey bloggers picks!