Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post Apocalyptic shooting range // Stevie Wonder- Very Superstitious

Today I want to share with you my outfit, and the outfits of my really good friends, Jenna & Ariel!! I'm in the middle, Jenna is on the left, and Ariel is on the right! 

Song that inspired this look:

All of our full outfits! Incase any of you guys were interested, Jenna's blog, All That Glitters, is here, and Ariel's blog, Tainted Sweetheart, is here!!

We took the photos inside a construction site. It's a site that's currently in use, so we actually had to be really careful not to get caught! There's a shooting range across the field out back, so with all the graffiti and dilapidated buildings and sneaking around and guns going off, it kinda felt like we were in some kind of  apocalyptic war zone!

For some reason luckily, all the photos each of us girls took were so painless! Sometimes with blogging, you have to take so many pictures in order to get once decent one, it can start to feel pretty redundant. However, this was the only full body standing picture I took and it was fine! Thank god haha. Top is from Crash & Burn Apparel, and skirt is from Romwe!!

Long necklace is from Angel Court, and brass necklace is from Vanessa Mooney.

I didn't know this until just recently, but the Angel Court necklace is actually a real naturally collected piece of an antler! So cool.

Blue Sky stacked bracelets by Angel Court, top bracelet on the right by Shop Lately, and bottom bracelet by Chicnova.

Purse by Shop Lately.

Boots by Durango.

Wish I could go back with another outfit someday and take photos with these barrels! They're neat!

There were goats outside!

They both saw us from afar and GALLOPED AND PRANCED all the way over to us and clawed at the fence until we pet them. They were so ridiculously cute. Gahhh!!

One of the goats was actually peeing in this photo but I edited it out. HAHA.

Byebye for now!!~

top- Crash & Burn Apparel
skirt- Romwe
antler necklace & blue sky bracelets- Angel Court
brass necklace- Vanessa Mooney
bag- Wholesale Dress
bracelets- Shop Lately, Chicnova
boots- Durango

xoxo, ashlei

PS: I hope you'll all notice, I've updated the blog layout. Here are the things I changed:

~Changed it so you no longer have to do a captcha to comment (THANK GOD)
~Changed it to enable anonymous posting, so everyone can post
~Changed the blog header and logo to a autumn theme
~Added a "Recommended  blogs" section
~Changed the right-hand side bar
~Other various small changes

PLEASE do let me know what you think of these changes!! I want everyone's opinion. :P


  1. stunning photos! love your outfit and bracelets, specially the one on your right hand!

  2. Very nice photographs !!!

  3. This photoshoot is amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  4. I love the new layout! Great header and location for a shoot!
    You always seem to have so much fun!


  5. nice photographs<3

  6. Great!

  7. Hey, I've been following your blog but haven't commented yet. Thanks for sharing your friends blogs, all three of you have great style ^-^

    I think your style is my favorite out of the blogs I follow, and I follow some really awesome style bloggers :)

    You might have noticed, but in the first picture your friend Ariel right half looks distorted.

  8. I really like your outfit, it looks so good on you ♥
    And great location for photo's, luckily you guys weren't caught!

  9. The goats are so funny! And I love the location. You're so lucky to have friends who share your blogging interests and people who take photos of you, I have to do all by myself :(
    I really hate capcha, so I'm happy you removed it. I liked your last header the most, but, this one is nice and more season appropriate (I like to have a seasonal themed blog too). And I love the recomended blogs lists, I always discover nice new blogs trough them!

  10. love this shooting

  11. OMG! I really love everything you wear! its awesome, every top, skirt, boots and bracelet :DDD I saw you on lookbook and in the second I loved your style!!!! I follow you from now on blog :)

    with love,
    Paula MG (lookbook latest look - Everything will be all right)

  12. You guys are beautiful!