Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Angel Echoes - Four Tet

Soo in love with this dress from Chicwish!! I've found the occasion to wear it twice already! 

Here's the song that inspired this look, sorry if there's a lame ad!

This FABULOUS "Epiphany" cross necklace is by Angel Court!!

The feather bracelet is from my mom from Christmas last year, and the other bracelet is from Wholesale dress!!

Okay okay, I've only ever done like, what, two mirrored image photos before? Tacky, but I couldn't help it!!

I love the way this dress catches the wind! Makes me feel overly dramatic, haha.

dress- Chicwish
Epiphany necklace- Angel Court
bracelet- Wholesale dress
feather bracelet- gift from my mom
belt- Target
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell


  1. I love love love the dress. The colour is amazing and I'm always wondering how you guys can actually walk on such high heels, but reckon it's because I'm from Berlin and we don't know heeled shoes... ha ha ;-)

  2. Amazing dress! the cut and the color is just fantastic ;)

  3. Such a fabulous dress!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Gorgeous dress! It really looks great on you!


  5. I love the dress! :) I thought you got it from INLOVEWITHFASHION :D I just bought one and it really looks alike :D

  6. I think the mirror image is cool! Ha ha, you look so graceful in that beautiful dress <3

  7. This is so lovely. Chicwish is definately the best thing.
    -Cat x