Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Favourite eyeglasses-- A post I have been meaning to make!

Eyeglasses are a sometimes understated,  often necessary adornment that also doubles as a fashion accessory! I've been meaning to make a post on eyeglasses for quite sometime, but easily it always seemed to slip my mind since I don't personally wear glasses myself. Above are my favourites from the brand Persol! Persol eyeglasses are super cute!!

I find I take them for granted as a needed object, but the more I think about it I realize just how lucky I am to have nearly perfect vision--one of the few super healthy things about me. Above are my favourite picks from Ray Ban!!

And on a similar topic, I've always wondered, what is YOUR take on wearing fake glasses if you personally don't have poor vision? Should wearing glasses be left to those with poor vision, or is it ok to wear them as simply an accessory??


  1. I mean--I've worn glasses without prescription before, but I do have bad vision--just make sure I wear contacts too. XD I don't see why people don't like "unnecessary" glasses, they're just another accessory and there's nothing wrong with that! Also, most of my glasses with prescription are ugly as shit, so I default to fake ones to make up for that in my outfits.

  2. I actually kind of prefer them as a fashion statement than as a necessity...I wear contacts now because they're convenient, and aren't prone to things like fogging up when you go inside, or getting all rain-splattered. But I miss my glasses as a fashion statement! Maybe I should pick up some fake ones for accessorizing...

  3. Adventures, you aren't alone. I stumbled across this blog because I was looking for a pair of frames to purchase. I had Wavefront LASIK, and I actually miss my glasses. It may be silly, but I do want a non-prescription pair to wear from time to time. I love the Ray Bans, too. The ones on the right are super adorable.