Friday, September 21, 2012

Edge of the World // Beach trip // Thank you for 11,000 followers on!!

Went to the beach with a bunch of our really good friends a few days ago!! It was a super fun trip and I pretty much lived in this outfit the whole time! (Minus the shoes, as I realized were...pretty hard to walk with in the sand, haha!) 

Cross sweater & stained glass printed leggings are from Romwe!!
Also, here's the song that inspired this look! Could only find it on SoundCloud, but it's awesome so give it a listen! It's called "Garden 2" by Teen Daze.

Ceremony Cross 
Brave for Natalie Suarez 
by Angel Court

Silver ring by Vanessa Mooney.

Jenna, Josh, & Chris!! It was so beautifully bright my camera was picking up lens flare IN THE HOUSE!

Ariel & Chris! Love it when the lighting is perfect enough to catch dust in the air! Only wish my camera was a bit better!

The beach was really foggy for awhile! Caught these two kids playing around

This little guy was seriously such an asshole just for the sake of being one. Josh & Francesca were trying to feed all the other seagulls, and this guy would get in their way, feathers all fluffed up, JUST so they couldn't get the food, and then walk away. He...didn't even want it for himself. XD Looks like he broke his leg at one point pretty bad. I wonder if it made the poor little guy jaded?!

Ariel looks so cool here!!

Got the idea for this photo from Josh!

These people looked rad!

The ocean is so beautiful. Seeing the curve of the earth kinda reminds you just how small our earth really is. 

cross pendant- Angel Court
leggings & top- Romwe
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
bracelets- gifts
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell


  1. I love this look!! <3

  2. Amazing photos!
    Congrats on your followers!

    xo Jennifer

  3. great look!

    check out giveaway on my blog:

  4. the pictures are SO beautiful. The kinds running in the foggy beach, the silhouette of that group with the dog, the light coming in the house... and of course the outfit is beautiful too! :) I ordered that same sweater yesterday and looking at your pics makes me more anxious, I want it now!

  5. This is a fantastic shoot - did you change your hair or is that just the light? Because it looks lovely!


  6. this outfit is so cool and the pictures are stunning!

    def following :D


  7. Your photography is amazing! :)
    I almost bought those romwe leggings but my legs are so big they'd probably get all stretched out :( I know BlackMilk made leggings like that, maybe I should try to get them in L. Damn my muscles + fatty lol.

    BTW I am going to Seattle in two weeks...and I wish I could meet you. But somehow I don't think you'll see this comment or have the time to even reply to it. :( But I am in St. Louis and I think you are friends with my friend Anne P., and you guys did the CaroMaro stuff together for Mashimaro Girl....