Thursday, August 16, 2012

War, children, it's just a shot away

In LOVE with my new dress from Beginning Boutique! It's one of the best fitting dresses I've ever gotten! I think it fits well with my floral litas, don't you??

I love the length, and the cut!

My metal collar from Romwe!!

Silver ring and beaded bracelet set are from Vanessa Mooney!, and the claw ring is from Beginning Boutique!

dress & claw ring- Beginning Boutique
silver ring & beaded bracelet set- Vanessa Mooney!
metal collar- Romwe
bangles- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Those boots are amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Agree! the dress is beautiful :)

  3. you're wonderful))) dress is very good and a bit of a nostalgic

  4. oh wow, i'm in love with this dress <3

  5. beautiful print :D And your collar necklace is to die for ^^

  6. I just finished to read all your blog. Kate of Pretty Kiss told me about you and I immediately fell in love with your style *W*

  7. Hello love,

    Awesome look. Just fall in love with it. I want to thank you for you quick replay. I sent you an e-mail just to make sure that you'll receive my msg. Not all bloggers read the comments. Gladly follow you via GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter and Facebook. I would be happy to keep in touch with you!


  8. im so in love with this dress... but i looked all over the website for it. would you happen to know the link to it? you make this dress look irresistible! i need it lol

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    pls joın my blog too kisses=)

  10. Wonderful dress :)

  11. beautiful dress! i love this outfit and the photos are look great!

    xx Rebe

  12. you gorgeous with that dress and heel so matching!! :)
    followed you, hope you will do same.

  13. love the dress!!! sooo pretty on you!

    Follow each other??/

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  14. This dress is amazing, I'm loin it!
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  15. Your amazing!! Such an inspiration to so many of us!!
    Xoxo Jenny

  16. that's such a pretty printed dress - looks very upscale! you're so pretty and the gorgeous light ..

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
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