Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dancing Days are here again

Somehow I was so busy going to the Oregon Country Fair the other day that I totally forgot to post these images to my blog, whoops!! Anyways, this outfit was super fun to wear. I'm actually wearing the dress from Club Couture right now! It's a really comfortable summer dress.

Song that inspired this look:

My awesome vest from Chicwish, stone necklace from Beginning Boutique, and my bird head necklace from Mad Lady!!

HUGE dandylion thingy!

This is Josh's caveman beating stick. 

Mr. Snake! He was warming himself on the path.

Hummingbirds are SO weird. They drink nectar and their wings bat rapidly much like an insect...but they're a bird?!

Totally thought this little dudette was a bear in the bushes!! So glad it was just a deer.

dress- Club Couture
vest- Chicwish
purple stone necklace- Beginning Boutique
bird head necklace- Mad Lady
underskirt- H&M
bracelets- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

PS: Please check out my feature & also my bio on the "Meet the Girls" pages of Sienna Ray & Co.!!


  1. I love the dress with the vest so pretty!

  2. Your style is beautiful! This place is amazing, wonderful pictures!

  3. i like how you take your photos. so lovely!
    also, you look like a doll! :D ❤ misskatv.com

  4. I love those huge dandelion thingies. ;_;

  5. oh my God, snake! I'm terrify haha x)
    I love all the photos.
    You dress so lovely :)

  6. this is really good outfit. i love everything about this. i really like such vests like this. i have also one in my warderobe and i'd love to wear this everyday <3


  7. Lovely pictures and love your outfit! :)

  8. Such a perfect look! Floral prints are very pretty and look nice on you. ^^
    And I adore the last photo!