Saturday, July 28, 2012

Akaneiro ga moeru toki // When the sunset burns red

This outfit is seriously so fun to wear. I can't get over these stupid hi lo skirts, I have like 5!
Top is from Solilor, necklace is from RIRE Boutique, skirt is from Chicwish, and metal collar is from Romwe!!

Here's the song that I'm accompanying with this outfit. In Japanese, the title means more or less "When the sunset burns red"--you'll understand why I chose this song when you see the last few photos in this post!!

When we were taking these photos, there was a cool guy sitting near us at the very top of the mountain, playing some kind of Native American flute I believe. It was really pretty and calming! We decided to just sit for awhile and listen to him play.

The sunset was SO fucking weird. It was so red!

The following two photos after this photo, to drive the point home about the sunset, have NOT been colour editied. They have been resized to fit on this blog, and sharpened. No colours have been altered or  enhanced--this is how they appear on my camera screen!!


I wasn't kidding when I said the sunset burned red!

top- Solilor
skirt- Chicwish
metal collar- Romwe
bird potion necklace- RIRE Boutique
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
turtle bracelet- Les Jumelles
other bracelets- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell


  1. I don't really love those skirts but everything looks good on you.

    / Avy

  2. omg this blog post is so refreshing and brilliant!! i am dying <3

  3. I just love the collar *.* You look extremely beautiful!

  4. Lovely outfit! That sunset is incredible. I can't get over it! Nature is spectacular!

    - Samantha

  5. Are Jeffrey Campbell's Lita heels comfortable?

  6. Wonderfull sunset <33 and outfit of course ;3

  7. i dont like such tshirts but this one looks perfect with this skirt <3 love it.

  8. Wow, this look is sooo beautiful! I love the top and high-low skirt, they match perfectly, they actually look like a dress at first sight :)
    Also this cute little necklace, aaawww <3

  9. I'm in love with that outfit <3 stunning

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit.
    We love it. And that's cool about the guy with the flute :)

  11. The photography in your posts is so beautiful! And your outfit is gorgeous!

  12. Love the skirt, the color is just so wonderful.

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