Monday, July 30, 2012

Giveaway #20: Tooee shirt giveaway!!

More giveaways, yaaay! This time the giveaway is from my friends from Tooee!!

GRAND PRIZE: The shirt pictured above! It's unisex, so anyone can wear it!

1. Like their FB Page, and also follow their Pinterest.
2.You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connect along the right side of the blog, follow on Bloglovin', and click "like" on the Facebook page for this blog. (If you've already done this before, no need to do it again--that step is complete!)
3. You must go to, pick your favourite item, and leave the link in a comment on this post, along with your e-mail address so that you can be contacted if you're the winner!!

That's it! Winner will be chosen at random, and the giveaway will run for 14 days, and ends on Sunday, August 12th, mid-day.

xoxo Good luck, lovelies!! xoxo

Funeral of False Friendships

Recently I've found out that the world is a lot more strange than I really ever thought it could be. And  I'm not entirely sure if that's a bad thing. Fact  is  a lot stranger than fiction, I suppose.

Anyway, skirt, spike necklace, and skull bracelet are from Romwe. Black & silver bracelet is from Jovonna London, hamsa hand necklace is from Shop Lately, and awesome fringe top is from Tevin Vincent!!

The song that inspired this look unfortunatly isn't on Youtube, but here it is on Souncloud:

skirt/ spike necklace/ skull bracelet- Romwe
black & silver bracelet- Jovonna London
hamsa hand necklace- Shop Lately
fringe top is from Tevin Vincent
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
other bracelets & belt- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
ankh necklace- DIY

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Akaneiro ga moeru toki // When the sunset burns red

This outfit is seriously so fun to wear. I can't get over these stupid hi lo skirts, I have like 5!
Top is from Solilor, necklace is from RIRE Boutique, skirt is from Chicwish, and metal collar is from Romwe!!

Here's the song that I'm accompanying with this outfit. In Japanese, the title means more or less "When the sunset burns red"--you'll understand why I chose this song when you see the last few photos in this post!!

When we were taking these photos, there was a cool guy sitting near us at the very top of the mountain, playing some kind of Native American flute I believe. It was really pretty and calming! We decided to just sit for awhile and listen to him play.

The sunset was SO fucking weird. It was so red!

The following two photos after this photo, to drive the point home about the sunset, have NOT been colour editied. They have been resized to fit on this blog, and sharpened. No colours have been altered or  enhanced--this is how they appear on my camera screen!!


I wasn't kidding when I said the sunset burned red!

top- Solilor
skirt- Chicwish
metal collar- Romwe
bird potion necklace- RIRE Boutique
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
turtle bracelet- Les Jumelles
other bracelets- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black River Killer

I haven't worn this dress from SWELL in so long. It's one of my faovurites, though!! Boots are by Durango

Song that inspired this look:

It's a local band, and there might be an ad since this is the official video, but I promise it's good!!

Vanessa Mooney necklace!

Claw ring is from Beginning Boutique, silver ring is also Vanessa Mooney, and gold and black ring is from Les Jumelles!

Hey look, a deer. Did you know they make really annoying noises? If any of you like standup, you should check out this short skit by C.K. Louis, it's pretty fucking funny! (Although admittedly funnier in the scenario that you've watched that entire episode, so that it makes more sense.)

dress- SWELL
brass necklace & silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
boots- Durango
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
black/gold ring- Les Jumelles
other bracelets- Forever 21

Friday, July 20, 2012

And Thursday's child has far to go // Peddler's Road

I really love this little mountain we climb every time we take photos! The landscape is so sweeping, it's hard to not just sit down and take it all in, especially after a brisk walk/climb.

Dress & woven/beaded bracelet are from Chicnova, and vest is from Choies!!

Song that inspired this look! I really like it, it reminds me a LOT of the music from a TV show called Trigun mixed with one of my old high school teacher's bands.

Sometimes when I sit on this path especially, I like to fancy myself a peddler out west, waiting for a horse and cart to come by, traveling between two cities in some long forgotten past. 

Eagle necklace is from Romwe, elk ring is from Chicwish, and claw ring is from Beginning Boutique!

Here's a better shot of all the bracelets! The metal one is from Romwe, the thick friendship bracelet is from Shop Lately, and the woven/beaded one is from Chicnova!!

Close up only because of the little guy on my arm!! I sat there so long just taking pictures and looking at the sky that I guess the butterfly thought I was permanent! 

I reeeally fucking love Oregon, guys!!

dress & woven/breaded bracelet- Chicnova
eagle necklace & metal bracelet- Romwe
friendship bracelet- Shop Lately
vest- Choies
elk ring- Chicwish
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
bag- Wholesale Dress
shoes- H&M

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oregon Country Fair 2012

Today I have a SHIT ton of photos for you. They're from the 43rd annual Oregon Country fair! (Ignore the banner, I have no clue why it say 40th. I think they were just too lazy to make a new one!) Anyway, it's awesome and basically a giant hippie fest. I wasn't allowed to go as a kid because a great portion of the attendees are generally partially nude.  So I'm making up for the lost time by going every year, now!


 My outfit! Boots are from Durango!


Another photo that looks basically the same, lol!


Necklace is from my dear friend, Kendall of Galore, Beneath the Stars!! Rings are from Beginning Boutique, Vanessa Mooney, and Les Jumelles!!


Fucking rad necklace is from Romwe!


 I like the shirt Josh made! He got a lot of smiles and high-fives. It's interesting, because the general reaction to the shirt was, first, momentary scorn, followed shortly after by the viewer getting the joke, and smiling!


 Really rad little place to meditate!




 Inside the dragon. It's pretty big inside!


 This woman looked cool!




This is really cool--a photo in the same place, circa 1982. I wasn't even born yet!!


I love the expression on the one to the far left! They're all so cute.


Dancing jellyfish!


Barring the synthetic fabric of the tutu, this picture seriously looks like it could be from the 70's! Love it.


 This girl is rad.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did going to the Oregon Country Fair!!

top- random store at the mall
shorts- Forever 21
boots- Durango!
necklace- My friend Kendall
eagle necklace- Romwe
claw ring- Beginning Boutique
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney
black & gold ring- Les Jumelles