Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's talk about sunglasses!

Since it's summer (finally) I figured I'd make a post about the ever needed summer accessory...sunglasses!
The left and middle are Alviero Martini sunglasses, and the right are Alexander McQueen sunglasses

Personally when I buy sunglasses, I don't like going the cheap route because I ALWAYS break mine. Scratched up in my purse, crushed, you name it. I always feel like if I get ones that are a tad more spendy I'll be forced to care about them rather than just setting them on top of the car when I open the door and drive off!

I have always liked aviators, so hope you enjoy my taste, haha.

What sunglasses are you guys into this summer season??


  1. Those Alexander McQueen's are gorgeous!! In the summer I always gravitate towards bright colors and awesome prints!

  2. great post!



  3. i'm obsessed with sunglasses after the last summer! it's a new love for me!

  4. I've always only owned one pair of sunglasses, getting a new one only after the current ones are broken, but now I'm into retro-looking sunglasses! My newest ones are cat-eyes! <3