Sunday, June 3, 2012

Join Faltering Bird on Instagram!

Sooo today I got a new phone (just in time for my trip to Las Vegas too, yay!) and I got Instagram finally! Everyone should add me if you'd like to follow my updates. My username on Instagram is: ashlei_louise

I'd love to follow all your guys wonderful pictures, so look me up!! (I wish I could link you, but Instagram is only for phones as far as I know, so there's so way to link!)

And here's a random picture of some of my necklaces! Relevant because it's one of the only photos I've uploaded so far, haha.

Hope to see you all on Instagram!

xoxo, lovelies


  1. wow! I fell in love all! :) Deer!

  2. Swietny blog :)
    Obserwujemy ?

  3. Hello!

    I borrowed one of your photos for a "summing up favourites" feature over at my blog, hope you don't mind? You can check it out here if interested:

    Happy Tuesday! :)