Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prep Jerks!


 I've already worn some of these, but I wanted to show off my Prep Jerks stuff! 

 They're a really awesome company, and very soon I'll actually be their official female blogger for their website's blog! I'm really nervous but also very excited. I hope I can write well for them! (I actually really like writing and have written several screenplays over the last few years, but I'm sure you'd never guess that from how little I talk on my blog posts!!)


 All three shirts!


 My boyfriend actually really likes this one, too! I think he actually wears it more than I do!



  1. Great shirts! Espicially love the black one!

  2. Totally love the wasted youth shirt ♥

  3. I really want the No 7 shirt! But its sold out :(