Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Press Play, Fast Forward // THANK YOU for over 1k followers on Faltering Bird!!

I really love this dress from Romwe--it's quite the attention-getter! I usually don't like such bold things, but sometimes it's nice for a change!

Here's the song that inspired this look:

The black and gold ring is from Les Jumelles!

The silver ring is from Vanessa Mooney!



dress- Romwe
silver ring- Vanessa Mooney!
gold & black ring- Les Jumelles!
underskirt & all bracelets- Forever 21
shoes- Jeffery Campbell

Also, last, but deff. not least, thank you SO much for over 1,000 followers on Faltering Bird! Stay tuned for even more giveaways to celebrate this milestone!! <3

xoxo, lovelies xoxo

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bad Moon Rising

This is one of my favourite outfits of ALL time. It's so comfortable, and I'm super proud of how well I coordinated the colours and items!  The top is from Glamour Kills, and the splatter leggings are from Romwe!!

Also, here's the song that inspired this look!!

I'm twenty-four and I look like a kid still. Blessing or curse?! Maybe I'll finally have my "adult face" by age 40. 

Necklace is by my favourite accessory shop ever, OS Accessories!!

Beaded & rope bracelets are from SWAY!!

So pretty up close!

You'd think I don't own any heels with my cowboy boots always glued to my feet! 


splatter tights- Romwe
beaded/rope bracelets- SWAY
necklace/bone bracelet- OS Accessories
religious bracelet- from friend
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Wasted Youth

Hey look, it's my squinty little face which I rarely ever show! I usually look grumpy so I promise you aren't missing much, haha. My top is from Prep Jerks, and my necklace is from OS Accessories!

Face again lol

You wouldn't imagine laying in rocks was comfortable, but it...was.

Fucking in LOVE with this shirt from Prep Prep Jerks. It's ridiculously comfortable.


birdskull necklace- OS Accessories!
boots- Durango
Levi's cuttoffs- Goodwill, DIY
denim shirt- Goodwill
cross bone necklace/religious bracelet- from friend

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mary Jane's Last Dance

I really love all the pieces that make up this outfit! I think the Romwe skirt is my favourite! I still am super in love with my crochet top from 2020 Ave. though, and my fringe bag from Wholesale Dress!!

My new necklace from Shop Lately! They always have really good finds there. My bone bracelet from OS Accessories is also one of my new favourite pieces of jewelry!!

A closer look at the bracelet from OS Accesories. Doesn't it actually look like a bone?!

Byebye for now, lovelies. xoxo


skirt- Romwe
top- 2020 Ave.
bag- Wholesale Dress
necklace- Shop Lately
bone bracelet- OS Accessories
boots- Durango
metal bracelets- Forever 21

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Glamour Kills

My friends at Glamour Kills sent me some awesome stuff, recently!! (Isn't their little flying pig logo so cute?!)

I REALLY like these. I wore them recently and took pictures--I can't wait to finish editing them to post them here!!

UNIVERSE KITTY. Cats are my favourite, I'm adopting one in about 3 weeks!!

Love me some crop tops!

I think my boyfriend loves this shirt more than me! He looks really cute in it. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Massive Romwe haul!


 Here's a preview of some of the things I've gotten from Romwe recently! I've worn some of these so far, and am really excited to wear everything else!


Really into galaxy prints, so this and the next are some of my favourites!

I love wolves!

I think at least 3 of my friends have a shirt similar to this. Now we can all be twins!

I love this pattern, it's so pretty!

This is actually long enough to be a dress I think, which I'm excited about!

I've really been into patterns recently, I guess, haha!

Excited to try to coordinate this. Do you guys have any ideas??

One of my favourite pieces!!

This and the tights above are so cool. I've worn these a bunch already and taken photos in them. I can't wait to post the images, they were super fun to take!

This purse is so delicate!

Which of these Romwe pieces are your favourites? How would *you* coordinate them into various outfits??

Friday, May 25, 2012

Teen Wolf

I seriously am in love with this top from Romwe! I've wanted a shirt with a wolf on it for a super long time, so I'm glad I finally got one! My bone necklace is from OS Accessories, and my bag is from Pendelton, borrowed from my friend!

Here's the song that inspired this look!

Look at this little guy! He was actually about the size of my hand, the biggest lizard I have ever seen! Anyone know what kind he is?? He wasn't running away from us so unfortunately, I think he was hurt. :(  We put a leaf on top of him so hawks wouldn't eat him, and when we came back the next day the leaf was in the same spot and he was we think he survived!!

I love this bag! It makes me really wanna buy one of my own!

top & spike necklace- Romwe!
bone necklace- OS Accessories
beaded & rope bracelets- SWAY
boots- Durango
bag- Pendelton
shorts- Forever 21