Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goin' up to the Spirit in the Sky // Thank you for 650 followers // ROMWE coupon codes!!

It really dumped a lot of snow on us in Oregon recently! It doesn't normally snow this much, so when it does, people are nuts and crash a lot. Last time a huge snow storm hit, our car was trapped pointed upside down on a hill, crashed into a dumpster, high centered, because someone hit it and it slid there. It sucked! I had to walk around 5 miles through waist high snow on Christmas Eve to go to work. Luckily, this time wasn't as bad!

My bag is from Shop Lately, and my poncho is from Shoppalu!!

I use this bag from Shop Lately every day now. It just fits my personality so well, I think!!

There were so many of these going up and down the street in a the few minutes it took it take photos! Judging from the thing on the front, this was to clear all the down trees. Another hazard that comes with infrequent snow is the branches not used to so much snow being on them, so a lot of roads near my house was blocked by fallen tree limbs.

Some of the drifts were so big! Also, Minecraft.

This was right when I woke up, which is why it's dim. Those poor trees look SO bogged down!

My mom arranged this! Doesn't she have a good eye? Quite the comment on spring, really.

poncho- Shoppalu
shorts- forever 21
boots- Durango

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  1. Beautiful pictures but damn, didn't you have cold legs?? Love the poncho!

  2. love your bag dear! :)
    and congratulation you have 650 followers <3


  3. Chic!

  4. Lovely photos,CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Beautiful magical photos! I love your outfit

  6. Wow, I can't believe you're out in bare legs in all that snow! At least you look amazing!

    xo Jennifer