Monday, March 26, 2012

Sugarlips Apparel!

I would like to introduce you, once again, to Sugarlips Apparel!! This time I've ordered this really cool flowy back dress from them! I'm actually thinking of altering it a little bit before I wear it, to make it shorter. What do you think?

How often do you ladies make DIY alterations to things that you buy? Or, do you not buy something unless it's already PERFECT?


  1. That's a beautiful top! I hardly do DIY alterations on my clothes..I'm too scared to mess it up! Only usually get my pants hemmed but don't do it myself haha.

    XO J

  2. It's pretty cute hehee I agree with Jacquelyn, I'm scared to mess it up hahahaaaa Maybe I'll try to do it. >.<

  3. That's nice top :)


  4. I alter used clothes a lot, but if I buy new I leave it as is.