Friday, March 30, 2012

Romwe order arrived!!

I'm so pleased with my newest order from Romwe!!

I'm in LOVE with the lace and sleeve detailing on this! I can't wait to wear it!

What do you think of this mint blouse?

How would you style this one??

I'm so excited to wear this! I've wanted a skirt like this for some time!

Isn't this gift from Romwe cute? I always tend to lose mine, so I needed a pair!


  1. That was such a cute not from Romwe!

    I love that mint blouse. It is darling.

    I hope you enjoy your clothes!

  2. OMG THOSE BLOUSES asdkjsahdjsahdajs.
    That pink one, I'm looking forward to you wearing it. D:
    It's going to be awesome.

  3. I love those blouses! They are great for spring

  4. all of these are such lovely pieces for spring, and i love those sunnies <3

  5. I was tempted to buy that long sleeve mint blouse after you showed it. But it looks really dark and not mint at all! Is it really the same color as these photos and not like the photos on their site?

  6. Lovely blouses! The green is my favorite, can't wait to see how you'll wear them :)

    And congrats on the cute little gift! :D


  7. I love the first one the most! Haha... Because actually I bought the same thing and couldn't wait for the package hahahaa Looking at yours made me drooling hahaa


  8. Such lovely things! The mint blouse is so pretty! :)

    Love your blog and style too, I'm now following!!


  9. You have a beautiful blog and an even more beautiful style! I just wanted you to know that after reading one of your posts featuring a shirt from Oh My Frock, I went out and bought the same shirt! I recently did a photoshoot with it and thought you might be tickled to see the final result:

    Keep being awesome (:

    Christina Joy

  10. Omg, beautiful pieces, Thanks to you I now know about romwe. I look forward in purchasing my 1st blouse! I loved the 1st one :)
    Cindy xx
    I'm now following you in all your sites! :)