Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ALEXIS Magazine finally arrived!

So far I've been featured now in 4 issues of this magazine I believe, but the first hard copy finally arrived to me recently!

I really love how their magazine is set up. It's really cute, and also has a lot of interesting articles!!

This photo is so old! It was from when I went and stayed in a pretty house along the Rouge River with my boyfriend & parents this past summer! I can't wait for it to be this warm again!! Also I'm showing my face for once! What a rarity, haha. (I kinda look like an alien in this photo too, lol)

If you like the magazine, you can always check them out here!!

PS: Sorry for the lack of original outfits lately! It's been raining a TON and spitting snow (and not the pretty kind, just the crappy kind), and on top of that I've been doing pretty terrible after getting my wisdom teeth out just recently. (Anyone else had theirs out before? Doesn't it SUCK?!) So once this storm is over, please be expecting many many more new outfits from me!

bye for now, lovlies


  1. Congratulations!

  2. You're gorgeous!!! I love your blog, all your pictures are so inspiring.
    I had my wisdom teeth out in May last year.
    I was on liquids for a week, and consumed a lot of pure juices and natural stuff to speed recovery. Hope you are feeling better soon :D

    1. Oh gosh I never realized you posted a comment here, sorry for not replying sooner!! I feel the same way about you, you're so pretty! Your blog is really inspiring too. I hope I can have as much courage when I get my surgery too!
      And I actually recovered super well, no swelling at all!