Sunday, January 8, 2012

A peak at Crash & Burn Apparel! // My new olive parka!

I know I gave a bit into a sneak peak of one of the items I received from Crash & Burn Apparel, but I figured I'd show off everything! MUCH love to everyone at Crash & Burn for sending these to me. I love them SO much! I can't wait to take more photos in these clothes!!

I LOVE my this skeleton Marie Antoinette top!

It says "LIVE FAST, DIE PRETTY" on it, and even has little gem embellishments!!

This top is awesome, too! I love the faded wash on it.

Okay okay, I bought into the olive parka trend. I'd been wanting one forever!! Got this on sale at JC Penny for like $10. Isn't that a steal?!

olive parka- jc penny


  1. Love the crash and burn white top!! <3! <3

  2. @Michelle
    Thank you so so much, dear!! I really love the top, too. SO excited to wear it!! <3
    And thank you for visiting!! :3

  3. I love your clothing and style too :) And yes! 10 for a jacket is a steal.

  4. @Strawbewie
    You are too sweet, I'm glad you like it so much, dear!! And totally. I wish that happened to me everyday!!