Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Sponsor, Your Eyes Lie!!

Very excited to announce another company I'll be working with, Your Eyes Lie!!

They were kind enough to send me three awesome garments from their new AW2011 Collection!!

I love this dress!!

I love it because of the waning moon--I'm a bit superstitious, and bad things always seem to happen to me when the moon is full. So to have this moon on my chest makes me feel safe, haha, I am an odd one!

I love the american flag print!

Even their tag is cool!

I collar on this is really interesting, which is why I got this! My boyfriend thinks it looks like a car ran it over, but I think it's awesome!

It's actually fairly thick and quite warm!

Don't forget to check out their awesome website, here!!

PS: Also, as you may notice, the photos on my blog are a bit larger now. I feel like they were just a bit too small before, so they'll be this size or bigger from now on. As always, however, the photos are click-able, so they get really huge if you click on them!!


  1. You will never understand how jealous I am that you're working with this brand, their products are amazing! I am particularly in love with the dress - I have a similar one but with a different design...but I want this one to! ^^

    1. I really like them too, so so much! Ohhh, what does you dress look like?!

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