Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New sponsor, Crash & Burn Apparel! LIVE FAST, DIE PRETTY

Did you all have a good new years? This was what I wore! I had a lot of fun with my boyfriend & my friends!

I LOVE my new top, c/o CRASH & BURN Apparel! They sent me some really awesome stuff. You can find the shirt, here!

It's super awesome, and has a skeleton Marie Antoinette on it, and "LIVE FAST, DIE PRETTY" along the bottom, with little gem accents all over! I love Marie Antoinette, so this is pretty awesome!

coat- jcpenny
shoes- jeffrey campbell
bone cluster necklace- polyurathane bone, os-accessories.com
naturally collected coyote cross bone necklace- from friend for christmas


  1. How do you get your spronsors?
    Do you write an e-mail or smt to them or do they contact you???

    Awsome Outfit by the way :)


  2. that looks so good :)


  3. Ooooooh. This is a really awesome shirt. I love Marie Antoinette, too... so this is very appealing to me. But it's kinda expensive for a shirt. And I'm broke because of christmas etc. I guess, I'll keep a longing eye on it. :3

  4. YES! it is awesome! :DD
    Ur blog is awesome too! <3

  5. Amazing look, love the shirt and the coat and everything. How was your new year's eve?


  6. @Fee I suppose it can go either way! I contacted Romwe.com myself because I am obsessed with them, and was accepted. Most places I've found, though, will seek you out. But I suppose it never hurts to ask, right? The worst someone can say is "No" !

    And thank you for your comment, and for visiting! Going to take a look at your blog now!! <3

  7. @Anna Thank you so much, dear!! I'll be visiting your blog now!! <3

  8. @Electric Android Ahh yeah, it is a bit expensive! I really love it though, gaaah! If it's of any consolation to the price, the quality of their items is REALLY nice. I'm used to most of the things I own being Forever 21 quality (And while their clothes are cute, they don't really last) but Crash & Burn has awesome fabrics!

  9. @Michelle Awee, thank you so much on both accounts, dear!! <3

  10. @Clouds Aweeee thank you so much, dear! You are always so sweet!! <3

  11. @Beautiful by J
    Thank you so much, dear!! <3

  12. @Nicky Thanks so much for your compliment!! <3
    And it was great! How was yours?

    Visiting your blog now!! <3

  13. @Fenny That's so sweet of you, I'm really glad you like it--thank you!! <3