Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New sweater from Free People!

Love my new sweater! It's one of the itchy kind, but still super warm and awesome!

I wish I had more things to wear with this skirt!!

Loving these boots, as always!

sweater- free people
skirt- chicwish
boots- durango
necklace- h&m
bag- chanel


  1. Such a beautiful skirt!

  2. Thank you, Laura! I love it so much too, it's so fun to wear!! <3

  3. Pretty!! and I LOVE that skirt!! It's so ruffly! :D

  4. I love love love your sweater! Also great blog. I am now following you if you'd like to follow back :)

    Also if you want to check out and get 15% off your order. With coupon code AG15. They have a lot of Litas which I've seen on your posts so I thought you would like the code.

  5. @Fenny Thank you so much, dear! I'll look at your blog now!!~

  6. @Cheryl Awee thank you so much, as always!! And oh man I love that skirt. I seriously wanna wear it all the darn time!! <3

  7. @Adriana I'm glad you do, thank you dear!! And thank you for the compliment on my blog!

    And oh man, sweet! Thanks for the coupon code!! <3

    I've followed you back!! :3

  8. Your photography is so beautiful. Any tips to achieve your soft light/pink glow in photos? :)

  9. I love this color scheme! Great outfit once again <3

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  11. Oh! This is the skirt with the little rhinestones, right? It's very cute and I adore the cut of the sweater - it's unusual! You make me want to wear more pastel colors, but I'm more of a blue pastels type.

    I'm glad my comment on lookbook made you happy. It's only the truth! I'm a complete fashion blog/ lookbook newbie and I'm trying to get started, but it's really hard. But after my finals in two months, I'll start to "socialize" more (I understand that's very important for bloggers)! :3

  12. @Alissa Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and for visiting, dear! It means so much to me!

    And I'm actually not sure! I usually just lighten the photos a bit in photoshop because I feel like they look grainy when they're dark. It might actually just be how my camera takes photos??

  13. @Denise Thank you so much, as always, dear!! You are so kind to me! <3

  14. @Electric Android Yep, that's the one!! And gosh, pastels are one of my favourite things to wear! I really like pairing pastel pink & blue, pastel mint & pink, or pastel lavender and yellow. Such good combos!!

    Haha, I don't really honestly understand fashion blogging. I just do what makes me happy, and what I feel may be fun for others to read. I actually don't socialize that much, but I can imagine that IS very important!!

    Visiting your blog now!! <3