Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My friend, Minxshop!!

Yesterday in the mail I received from my good friend Minkie, and owner of MinxShop, 2 lovely feather necklaces!

Aren't they lovely?! She sent me 2--one large, and one small. Even my boyfriend likes them & wants to wear one! A great gift for a girl, or a boy!

Up close, the chains & tiny underfeather accents are so delicate!
I can't wait to wear these in an outfit and show them off on LookBook!

I can't emphasize enough how awesome Minkie's stuff is! She's always been a super talented girl, but I'm really loving her new products, especially this vertebrae in a jar necklace!!

Anyway, everyone should check out her Etsy!


  1. i love Minxshop!!!! i bought cage leggings from her last year. i wore them nonstop!!! =)

  2. @Cheryl I agree, her work is so great! Feathers are a MUST HAVE for any outfit I wear!!

    Thanks for always visiting, dear!! <3

  3. @Denise Aren't they?! I feel so lucky to have them!! <3

    And thanks again for always leaving your comments here!! :3

  4. @Reesh Gald you like!! I love checking out her shop!!

    Thank you for visiting again, dear!! <3

  5. @Courtney That's so funny that you'e bought stuff from her! Small world, I guess. Minkie and her shop are rad!! <3