Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts from my lovely friends @ Mexy Shop!! // Thank you for 10k hits// Hope you enjoy the blog layout update!

I wanted to start out today by showing you three lovely items sent to me by the awesome Mexy Shop!! Starting out with a detail on this garment rather than the full piece- just look at how cute the deer on the front are, and the delicate touches of rabbit fur! Patterned winter sweaters are definitely in this winter!

It's so cute, overall!

It even has a double-lined hood!

Again, patterned sweaters!! I've already put an outfit together for this piece. I can't wait until it's not so gloomy out, so I can take photos wearing it (and then snuggle in it the rest of the day!)

I love the detail of the buttons along the side, and the cute little pockets!

I want to draw special attention to this item--not because of how awesome the leopard print is, but because of the quality of this item! When I first picked it up out of the package it was SO SOFT!! Turns out, it's because it's made partially from angora, no wonder!

Batwing sleeves...always fun!

If you want to check out lots of soft angora items, go to Mexy Shop, and shop the Peace Dove line! They believe personally in quality items for a great price, and when I received my gifts, I was absoloutley blown away!

Some great info about Mexy Shop: Free shipping on orders over $50, worldwide!!

everything c/o Mexy Shop
Angora Fur Outlined Thick Knitted Coat:
Beige Boho Montage Pocket Cape:
Angora Leopard Sequin Gray Knit Top:

PS--As I'm sure you've noticed, I have changed the look of my blog a bit! Any feedback would be appreciated! Also, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who visits my site, I've reached 10k hits in the less than 2 months this blog has existed!! <3

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