Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts from Finland!

Today I would like to share something very special with you! Recently, I received from my wonderful friend Salla, gifts from her home country of Finland! I absoloutley love everything she got me! The deer necklace is my favourite, I had been wanting one like it for SO long! (I swear she can read my mind!) I wore it recently when I went out with all my friends for my boyfriend's 21st birthday!

She also wrote a letter on really cute paper, and sent me candies that are native to Finland! The one in the black box is a salty candy that Finns love, but apparently most foreigners hate. I think it's great!

It's really fun having friends from other countries, I feel like I have learned so many things I would never have known otherwise, because of her!
~Thank you, Salla!~


  1. Such great gifts! The dear necklace is just pure win ♥

  2. Thats so fun!!! :D I wish I had a pen pal from a different country! Well I had a friend from China but we lost contact quite a while ago.... :( actually, Im going to try and get in touch with her again! :D

  3. @Denise I agree, it was so sweet of her to get them for me! It's been hard finding gifts for her because I am picky with what I buy people, but I think I have succeeded!

  4. @Cheryl Yeah, totally! I usually just have online friends from other countries, but used to have a pen pal as a child. It's always sad how people lose touch sometimes. I hope you find her!!