Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank you for 3,000 fans on LookBook & 100 followers on this blog!!

Thank you SO so much to everyone who is my fan on LookBook--I just passed the 3k mark! And thank you as well to all my followers on this blog--I just passed the 100 mark!! You are all so lovely, and I hope to continue to bring you interesting outfits and good brands to buy from!!

I LOVE my new feather waistband from MadLady!! I originally saw it modeled by the lovely Anna W of LookBook!!

My new boots! The little cutouts are hearts. I instantly had to buy these when I saw this!!

Thank you again to everyone who is a "fan" on lookBook, and who follows me here!
Have a wonderful day!!~

sweater, skirt, necklace- http://www.forever21.com/
feather waistband- http://www.madlady.se/


  1. Love the boots with the hearted cutouts ♥♥♥
    And congrats!

  2. I love the prints on both your skirt and sweater. Congrats on 3,000 fans and 100 followers! :D


  3. Where can I find this sweater?? I checked Forever21...

  4. @Morgan Thank you very much dear!! <3

  5. @Denise Ahh you're so sweet, thank you! I'm very glad you like it!! <3

  6. @Tonya They seem sort of random, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well they went together! And thank you very much dear!!

    I'll visit your blog, now!! <3

  7. @Casey I actually just looked through forever21.com and it appears to not be on their website any longer. I'm sorry!! If you have any Forever 21's locally, you might want to check there!