Thursday, November 17, 2011

My dad's alpaca sweater!

I really love my new sweater! My mom had given it to my dad for this season, however it was a bit too small for him, and he gave it to me! I think it's really stylish--both my parents have great taste! (I'm glad I get to benefit from it by getting this awesome sweater made from alpaca!!)

If you'll notice, it even has alpaca ON it!! They look kind of silly, but I like it.

I'm really diggin' my new off-white cowboy boots from DURANGO, too! I have a post & review coming about them shortly!!

A shot of my boyfriend Josh's shoes, caked terribly in mud from this day!!
It may not always seem like it from my photos, but it's usually freezing when I take my photos! And I can gurantee you, every blogger you see goes through a lot to bring you what they do. Be it mud, or rain, or freezing temperatures...let's just say, fashion blogging outside in the winter is a cold affair--but I couldn't be happier to do it, all for my lovely readers! Stay warm this winter!!

sweater- from my dad/mom
scarf- thrifted
necklace, skirt & fox tail- H&M
bag- chanel


  1. love everything about this!

  2. @Seekingstyleblog

    Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting--I'll be sure to visit your blog, as well!!

  3. Very cute! I never was into those prints as a I'm getting older...Those print are so CUTE!!


  4. @cavernicola antropofaga I agree, thank you!! <3

  5. @Strawbewie Haha, I didn't like them as a child either...and now I do! We were totally the same, haha!

    Checking out your blog agaiiiiin <3

  6. You are gorgeous, your outfit is perfect, and your hair, your hair is amazing! I am a new follower!!!


  7. @Photography4thecreator You are so sweet dear, thank you SO much!!

    I'm very glad you're following--I'll take a look at your blog, now!! <3