Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Chicwish order & How to make the most of your purchases in 10 steps!

Just the other night I made an order of the lovely above items from "Chicwish"!
Every time I look at their clothing, I want to order every item I see!

But let's face it--we don't always get everything we want, or even all the things we need in life, and likely we're ALL on some sort of budget. So when it comes to clothes, and you have some extra cash and want to fluff up your wardrobe, how do you go about ordering and choosing the "haves", and the "have-nots"?

Personally, I have a tactic about it. For those of you maybe feeling high up in the regret department when it comes to clothing purchases, why not try this method? Here it is, in ten steps! (This may take a moment or two to read, but trust me, it's worth it!)

1. In your web browser, open up all the main pages of the websites you're interested in possibly purchasing from. Start off with one website.
2. Look at EVERY section on the website you care about. If that's just skirts, look through EVERY single page of the skirts. If you're interested in everything or unsure, scour the entire website.
3. Open every item you're possibly considering in a separate tab.
4. Review every separate clothing tab you have open. Think over and re-think what you really want. Do you REALLY need that necklace? That shirt, too? Go back and forth in each tab, comparing which items you REALLY want more! (Don't forget to ask yourself certain questions like "Do I need this in my wardrobe?" & "Do I actually even have anything currently that will match well this this garment, or do I just want it in general?"-- close the tabs based upon what you actually need--I only own one pair of pants yet many shirts, so for me to go and buy a bunch of shirts and NO bottom pieces makes NO sense.)
5. Close the tabs of the clothing you decide against--but maybe favourite them in your browser so you can come back to them in the future.
6. Put every remaining item in the cart on the website.
7. You know you have a budget--look at all the items in the cart. Remove more items you decide against or can't afford based on that total number cost staring you down, and think over the items again. Okay, do you REALLY need the second pair of pants? Maybe those can go!
8. You might not be able to afford everything you want, so sometimes even at the shopping cart stage you're going to have to remove things you really want--the point of putting all these things in the cart is to REALLY pit them against each other. You see the cost, you see every item side by side. Make a tough decision!
9. Remove items until you can afford the items that are MUST-HAVES, and proceed to ordering!!
10. Repeat this process on the other websites you're considering ordering from.

Now, I know all the above steps may seem obvious, but sometimes when you really have a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket, you might make rash decisions you later regret. Just DON'T forget the steps you need to take to make yourself happy with your purchases! If you're going to spend your money on wants (like clothes) rather than base needs or putting it into savings, you might as well be happy with yourself, right?

This process works for me, so I hope it works for you, too!


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  1. Will try this out :p
    I'm always one of those persone who buys too much things I don't really need, haha

  2. @Denise I TOTALLY used to be the same way, until I set myself down, and taught myself this. It takes some work and is hard, but it always pays off, for me!!