Thursday, November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING~ & Lots of packages!

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (To those of you that celebrate!)

Anyway, I always love receiving a package in the mail! (Who doesn't, really?!) So when I arrived home from visiting Jenna in Portland, I was excited to find I had FOUR waiting for me!
One was some makeup from Japan, one was my first order from Chicwish, and the others were packages from, and from!

I am OBSESSED with this snake necklace from my lovely friends at Shop Lately! I can't wait to coordinate it into a cool outfit! Maybe something darker?

This skirt & oversized sweater set are from my lovely friends at Romwe!
I'm really excited to wear it in the fall, it looks so warm, doesn't it?

This double vest 3-way set is one of the items I purchased from Chicwish! I love how versatile it is. I can wear just the lace piece, just the denim piece, or both together! (Personally, I like them together the best!)

I really like these lace shorts. They're a bit late for summer, but I'm confident I can coordinate them nicely into an outfit.

I am SO happy about this petti! I have been wanting a similar one for some time now, so now I can check it off my list!

It's such a lovely dusty rose colour. And I must note the cute sparkly rhinestone embellishments along the bottom!!

Shop Lately Snake necklace-
Romwe sweater & skirt set-
Chicwish "Lace Jeans 3-Ways Twinset Vest"-
Chicwish "Once Upon a Time Lace Pants"-
Chicwish "Peach My Heart Petticoat"-


  1. such cute clothing! I'm definitely gonna check them out~ so cuuuute and pretty perfect palette for that transition from fall to spring!
    btw happy thanks giving! ;)

  2. @Victoria Yeah, you should. They're awesome!! I love pastels!

    And thank you, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!~

  3. Wow, I love everything you got! ♥
    The snake necklace is so amazing, and I really like that petti ♥
    And happy thanksgiving!

  4. @Denise Glad you do, thank you!!
    I really like it, toooo! I can't think of how to coordinate it yet, tho! ; 3;