Saturday, November 12, 2011

Handmade beaded bag & Urban Outfitters fox scarf

I really love my new (but vintage!) geometric print sweater I got while shopping with one of my best friends, Jenna, and my boyfriend, Josh!

I also really like my new fox scarf from Urban Outfitters. I think I got the last one!
Do you like my handmade bag? I made it from a little kit from a craft store. I didn't like the instructions though, so I made it my own way, and also added some beads to the fringe on the end!

Overall though, I think my fox scarf is my new favourite "winter object"--what is YOUR favourite season-themed item, right now? (Since I know it's not winter everywhere!)

sweater- charity shop
bag- kit from craftstore/handmade
boots- vintage Bort Carelton


  1. Did you get that bag kit from Michael's? I went there the other day to get dreamcatcher supplies and thought about getting it. It's really cute =)

  2. @Courtney Yeah, I totally did!! I didn't like how it looked exactly tho so I made it inside out up purpose and cut parts of it off. Also I was too stupid to figure out the like...pouch opening thing, so I turned it into straps, lol.

    And that's so funny, that's where me and Jenna got dreamcatcher supplies from! XD

  3. I have to say that scarf is sooo adorable<3
    And my favorite season-themed item is my grandma christmas themed turtleneck I got from Goodwill :)

  4. @kendall I love it so much! They foxes look all silly up close too, haha!
    Oh man, you can find some great things at Goodwill! This sweater was from there, even! I love sweaters from charity shops.

    And thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you'll continue to visit!! <3

  5. I just bought that same necklace today! It's so amazing!

    Your sweater looks wonderfully comfy.

  6. @Madeline Isn't it great?! I seriously want to wear it with, like...everything! It goes so well with like half of my closet!

    And oh gosh, it is! I love getting stuff from charity shops. There's always such unique things for sale!

  7. Such a cute scarf!! ♥
    And lovely outfit again, that sweater looks cool!

  8. @Denise I'm in love with it! I only wish they also had one with cute grey kitties on it too, or something!!
    And thank you so much, as always!! <3

  9. hey=)
    I really L O V E this scarf!!!
    I want it so much, but can´t find it on the internet:( you got a hint for me to find it?

    Thank you

  10. Very cute Ashlei! The scarf is super cute, cute foxes!

  11. i enjoyed reading your blog and this outift was really uber cool! mind to follow each other? ;)

  12. @Juli It's from Urban Outfitters! I just looked through all their scarves online though, and it looks like it's not online. I'm sorry, that sucks! Do you have an Urban Outfitters locally? That's how I got mine!!

  13. @Strawbewie Awee, thank you so much dear! I love foxes. <3

    Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you'll visit again! I'll visit yours now!!

  14. @Miamanson Thank you so much, I'm glad you do!

    And of course! I just visited your page, and you have several blogs. Which would you like me to follow?? :3

  15. What’s wrong with the instructions? Well, even if you followed your own instructions, you were still able to create a wonderful bag! It just shows how creative you are! And yes, I like your fox scarf too!