Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Forest Walk- My new fox tail from ROMWE!!

I visited one of my best friends and stayed for the weekend! We took LookBook pictures, as always!

Some of the forested areas near her house are really pretty!!

I am so SO excited to show off my new fox tail keychain from ROMWE.com , it's so lovely!! I cannot stop petting it, it feels so real, although it's faux fur!! (Even my dog thinks it's real!!)

I think I wear these shoes at LEAST 2 times a week!! I love them.

My boyfriend, Josh, sitting on a giant stump! And my friend's little brother, carving into a tree. (I bet he was carving his girlfriend's name!)

Hanging out with friends is always fun! We all decided to take pictures jumping off the swings.That's my boyfriend flying into the air in the background, haha!

(It's currently sold out, but stay tuned, they may have it back!)
sweater- A.N.A., JCPenny's
dress- ROMWE.com
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, shopnastgal.com
feather belt in hair- http://www.madlady.se/


  1. i just love your styles so much, you are a very great inspiration to a noob like me :) i hope you have a lovely day

  2. Amazing outfit!
    Your style is really inspiring!!!
    Fantastic blog :)


  3. gorgeous shoes! i always love the locations of your pictures :)


  4. @Queen B I'm really glad you like them, thank you so so much!! And haha, I doubt you are a noob, dear! I bet your outfits are lovely <3

    I hope you have a lovely day, as well, and thank you for visiting--I hope you'll come again!

  5. @Helena Awee thank you so much--I'm really glad you like my outfit, and very happy you like my blog!

    Thanks for visiting, I'll visit your blog now!! <3

  6. @Seekingstyleblog You are always so sweet, thank you! And haha, I am always on the lookout of nice locations. I feel like at times, my photos are sooo boring!! x.X

  7. Love the outfit..and the fox tail looks great and soft ♥

  8. @Denise I'm really glad you like it, thank you!! <3 And omg IT IS!! I want another one so bad! XD