Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature: Courtney B!

There are few users on LookBook who I admire as much as Courtney! I always look through her looks, and am amazed with just how creative they are! So vintage and chic, her outfits give off such a dreamy feel.
If you have the time, definitely give her a look on LookBook--she's someone to watch!

Don't you just love the skull?!

But not only is she a talented outfit coordinator, she's also a rad graphic designer!
I'd like to give her a shout-out here! She's currently competing in two graphic design contests, so if you could take a moment to vote for her, it would be much appreciated!

First, click the following link, and then simply click "Like":

Secondly, click the following like, type in "#3" in the comments area:

This is my first feature hopefully of many, and I hope I can bring my readers AWESOME chickas to check out!



  1. Oh wow, she has a lovely style!
    Now I have another person to check out her looks ^^

  2. Doesn't she?! I really love how she coordinates. And great! She posts a lot, so check her out!! :3