Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Faded Light of Summer's Might

I wish it wasn't raining QUITE so much out--it's super hard to get pictures everyday!
(I love how my friend Courtney helped me edit these first 2 photos!!)

I really love my feather shall from H&M!!

This is where I use to take our ten French Bulldogs on walks! They loved to stomp up and down on the grass, and hide in it!! They're so cute.

The old growth trees by our old house are so pretty!!

PS: Please stay tuned! Tonight I will announce the winner of my fall sweater giveaway!!

shall- H&M


  1. I love love love your shawl

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  2. ı like you shall. it is so chic ;)

  3. That shall is beautiful! And I love french bulldogs- they're so cute!

  4. Wow ,you look so fabulous in this outfit against the dreamlike background .I haveto say that you have a unnque taste towards modern fashion ,just love it !!

  5. I have followed you ,can you followe me ?

  6. I love that shawl, it is amazing! Great pictures girly, I found you through your profile! you have great style! xx

  7. @April Thank you so much, dear!
    Also, what an awesome blog you have!! <3

  8. @SWL I'm glad you like it, thank you so much!! Just visited your blog--great style!! <3

  9. @Skippysays Well thank you, dear!! I agree, they're also really friendly dogs, too!!
    Just visited your blog, how cuuute!!

  10. @Romwe Online Thank you very much!! I really love Romwe's clothes, and love fashion blogging for you guys, so I'm so happy you like my photos!!

    And thank you so much for following!! I actually followed you back yesterday!! <3

  11. @Leotie Lovely Ooh, thanks for finding me, and glad you like the shall--hope you like my blog, too!! Hope you'll visit again~

    Do you have a blog, too?? :3

  12. i looove your style *-*
    you are so unique :D

  13. love the shawl a lot! and the photo are sooo beautiful dear!! you are so talented! :D

    i'm following you, and hope that you can also check out my blog & we can follow each other :D

    greetings from Indonesia :D
    xoxo, Izzaura ♥

  14. @Katzenhaiweibchen Aweee, well thank you, dear! You're very sweet! I'm glad you like my style.

    Thanks for visiting Faltering Bird!! <3

  15. @Izzaura Thank you so much dear, your words mean so much to me!

    Thank you for following! I just checked out your blog--it's so cute, I love it!! <3