Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A coupon for you // New Fashion Blogger Affiliate!

Very pleased to announce I'll be working as a Fashion Blogger for Shop Lately, now! So glad to have them as another lovely sponsor!
They have new items nearly everyday, so personally I check there everyday, just in case!

Their website has 2 awesome sections: "Sale" & "Off the Rack". My favourite part of the website is that you can "favourite" which items you like most, and before checking out, all the items you're mulling over are set set by side on one page!

As for now, I have a special Shop Lately coupon code for you!
This code will be running for one week, so it'll end next Wednesday.
You can ONLY USE THIS CODE ONCE. So choose wisely!!
Be sure to follow my blog via google connect, as in the future I will have contests & coupons that will only be available to members!

If you spend $25 or more, you will receive $12 off! $25 worth of goods, all for only $13!
Upon checkout, simply enter in the code:

Again, here is their link!!:

Please let me know if you enjoy this website--I seriously think they have some of the cutest, well-priced items!!


  1. Sorry for the delay to respond to your comment so sweet
    Loved the post and wonderful pictures of the items I loved too much.
    You write very interesting posts!

  2. Awee that's just fine, dear! Thanks for always visiting!! :) I'm really glad you like my posts, and I hope you visit ShopLatley--they're just wonderful!!