Friday, November 11, 2011

BOY- Seven Little Numbers

Waited for your call, for the moon To release me from the longest afternoon I've re-arranged parts of my living room But time is hard to kill since I met you

Looking at the cars that drive on by While spring is making promise outside Red cars are quite rare I realize Then I wonder which colour you like

Seven little numbers Baby, they could be a start Seven little numbers Baby, I know yours by heart

Woo-oh, oh-oh, all the pretty things that we could do Woo-oh, oh-oh, I feel you in every heart beat Woo-oh, oh-oh, were you ever in a dream that could come true These numbers could be lucky for you

shoes- Jeffrey Campbell,


  1. Omg we love this JC's .

  2. U are perfect hun!

    I did a blog post about you by the way and borrowed a phot, is it okay hun?

    Love Anna

  3. OMG your shoes *.* the best in the world <33 Can I use that photo as an inspiration on my blog?

  4. @The Factory I love JC, too!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll visit yours back!!

  5. @Anna That's what I think about you, so perfect!!

    I replied on LookBook already, but thank you so so much for posting about me, I really appreciate it. You made such a lovely, sweet post!!

    And of course it's ok to use my picture. You can use them anytime! <3

    Thanks for visiting again!!

  6. @Gattme Thank you so much for your lovely compliment!!

    And of course, as long as you link back, feel free to use whatever photos you want!! <3

  7. I like you boots, they are amazing...

  8. @SWL They're one of my favourite pairs!!

    I'll check out your blog, too!!
    Thanks for visiting!

  9. omg, im crazy about your dress.. wonderful !
    where could I even find it?


  10. @No way
    It's from!! I'm pretty sure they don't currently have it in stock, but I'd keep checking back--they restock all the time, and they have other really cool things, too!!

  11. I love your blog !!!

    visit me pleaz !!! i m new in the net :p


  12. @L'aude La

    I'm glad you like it, thank you! I'll visit your blog, now!!~